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Your New Warm-Weather Footwear

  • Najib Benouar

Warm-Weather Footwear

In the way of warm-weather footwear, you won’t do much better than the classic canvas sneaker—known as the plimsoll to the real heads.

But sometimes you want to be even lighter on your feet. And for that, you’re going to have to go mesh.

Luckily, Clae has just unveiled the Bruce—their latest citified sneaker, which keeps the time-honored look of the plimsoll but replaces the cotton upper with an even more breathable mesh, resulting in a shoe that’s beach-ready and a definite step up from wearing sandals around town (oh, the horror). We’re declaring them our favorite shoe for summer... well, as of today.

Get a look at the other colors, including a tempting tan-and-navy combo, after the jump.»



As usual, the latest capsule show was teeming with well-dressed fellows. But one of the particular quirks of the trade show is that most of the best outfits are direct off the sample racks. Often enough, they were made for the man wearing them.

For instance, Norsea Industries’ Stephen Banks was sporting one of the better fits we’ve ever seen in an unstructured blazer. The garment in question is the Stamford jacket, stitched together by Manchester’s Cooper & Stallbrand—one of the last remaining garment factories in the UK—where it seems to have picked up a fair amount of industrial flavor. It’s one of the more interesting items in the S/S 2010 line and, as luck would have it, he was able to find one in his size…

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Aiming High


We tend to be a little wary of high tops, but this Clae pair has just about everything we need. They're desert boot-ish without being desert boots, and the white soles give it a contrast missing in more earth-toned sneaks. And we can always use a little more matte black.

Baked Clae


You might remember Clae from the capsule show a few months back, but there’s a new line making the rounds. This time, it’s a bit more streetwear-heavy, but they still understand one of the cardinal rules of modern sneakering: keep it colorful.

This time around, that means pastel greens, bright yellows and powder blues, but nothing loud enough to upset the rest of your ensemble. The hightops may be a bit bulkier than you’re used to, but we’d say it’s just a season or two ahead of its time.

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We don’t do much show-going at Kempt, but we couldn’t resist a post or two on the upcoming Capsule show. The semi-annual hootenanny is one of the best places to spot up-and-comers, and one of our favorite stops every year. This year’s crop includes Endovanera, Public School, Clae and Loden Dager, along with a handful of others we don’t even know about yet.

The show is happening 10-7pm this Monday and Tuesday in Angel Oresanz with over 60 labels attached. If you’re in the neighborhood, you just might see us there.

If not, we're sure you'll hear about it.