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Only Gold


All that Glitters: In response to troubled times, CITY Magazine gets even crazier. [Refinery29]

Paint it White: Esquire rewrites the rules of wearing white—suspiciously, just after memorial day. [Esquire]

The Man in the Mirror: A hapless film critic subjects himself to Michel Gondry’s pitiless caricature skills. Better you than me, Mr. Modell. [A.V. Club]

Band Aparte: Band of Outsiders keeps cropped preppidom going in their F/W catalog. [Anthem]

Traveling Light


There are many schools of thought on luggage. There’s the steamer trunk approach, which works best if you’re bringing along a personal porter, but there’s also the international-man-of-intrigue approach. That calls for something that’s a little more rugged, a little less refined and handles a lot better being thrown onto a moving train.

After a refined J. Crew collab, British luggage shop Globetrotter is teaming with the streetwear brand maharishi for a less stodgy suitcase. The last time we heard from them, they seemed stuck in the old world of trans-Atlantic sea voyages, but this one looks entirely globalized. It won’t fit quite as much, but you’re better off traveling light anyway.

Unfortunately, the only way to get your hands on it is through this CITY Magazine photo contest. Better get snapping.