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Rianne ten Haken Is Keeping the Doctor Away

  • Kempt Staff

Politics as Usual: More blowback from the Olympic ceremony uniforms—this time from politicians “outraged” that Ralph Lauren’s making the duds in China. [Washington Post]

A Little Bit Country: A breakdown of Loro Piano’s mastery of the “citified casual” look. [Die Workwear]

Guy Behind the Guy: The Atlanticreveals the faces behind some of television’s most important faceless characters. [The Atlantic]

Hustle and Flow: NPR has a handy flowchart to help you decide, once and for all, whether you live in a “real city” or not. (Those living in places that begin with an “M” and end in “anhattan” need not apply.) [NPR]

The Time of the Season


Huddle Up: Meet Kate Mara, Esquire’s new football analyst. [Esquire]

Getting Shirty: If you needed a reason to get a custom shirt, here it is. [Valet]

Mr. Nielsen, I Presume:Mad Men slays ‘em in the ratings. [Gawker]

Bands Won’t Play No More, Too Much Fighting on the Dance Floor: Eight modern ghost towns get the listicle treatment. Yes, Detroit’s in there. [WebUrbanist]

Tetanus Watch


In general, we’re not sure what all this art stuff is about…but we’re pretty sure nudity has a lot to do with it.

So we were understandably impressed by Miru Kim, an artist who specializes in naked urban photography: specifically pictures of her own nude body in various scenes of urban decay. We’re not sure what the message is—Has she gone feral? Is this a window into a clothing-optional post-industrial society?—but we can’t deny she knows her way around a lens.

And apparently more than a few sewer systems.

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Counting Down


Men.Style’s Material Interest alerted us to WWD’s latest poll ranking cities on menswear spending and the results are a little staggering. Perennially hip, Austin comes in first, closely followed by the loose thread that is Las Vegas. Southern California takes up the next three spots, while the New York area barely makes the list.

Best of all is Salt Lake City in the #7 spot, confirming our long-held theory about Mormon style. Sadly, neither of the Portlands made the cut.

See the top 10 for yourself»