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Kate Upton’s Zipper Is Stuck

  • Kempt Staff

Well-Cut and Dry: Cool Hunting takes the new Dri-Fit enhanced oxford from Nike for spin and they’re pleasantly surprised with the looks and the moisture wicking. [Cool Hunting]

Light Knight: Vulture hypothesizes that the moments of comedic relief in director Chris Nolan’s gritty movies could be better. Cue the laugh track. [Vulture]

Punch Out: This year the US will field our first women’s boxing team. Which is a major feat in and of itself. [Deadspin]

Un-Required Reading: A good read on the beach is a time honored summer tradition—but you should choose your material wisely. [LA Times]

Dioni Tabbers Turns Men Into Pigs

Shiny Movie Go Boom: Critics are going out of their goddamn minds for Inception. We’re cautiously optimistic. [IndieWire]

Also, it Makes Calls: Jonathan Ive runs down the design inspiration for the iPhone, including the controvertial decision to make it blendable. [Core77]

We Have on Good Authority that his Friends Call Him Ruffles: As always, Mark Ruffalo seems like a solid dude. [NYTimes]

You’re It: A hi-res panoramic photo at the Glastonbury Festival leads to 70,000 people being tagged in the same photo. [Mashable]