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Five Statements from Last Night’s Tuxedo Games

In many ways, we were glad for the lightly humdrum proceedings last night because it gave us a chance to concentrate on what’s truly important: the tuxedos. The competition was fierce, between Plummer’s playful velvet and Clooney’s usual impeccable kit, but we were able to pick out five getups that rose above the crowd to make a statement. In case you missed it, here are the five takeaways...

Five statements from last night’s red-carpet revue»

The Reentry: December 19

Minor nuclear weapons power dictator and bouffant hairstyle icon Kim Jong Il has died.

So ronrey, indeed.

If it seems like the 2011 holiday season is endless this time around, that’s because 2011 has blessed/cursed us with five weekends in December, the third of which saw the Iraq War officially come to a close, Christian Bale roughed up by Chinese thugs and, in our opinion, the best Saturday Night Live in over a decade.

Oh, and Playboy’s sales apparently weren’t affected by those leaked naked Lohan pics...»

Gant Rugger’s Inspiration Does Not Involve Clothing

The Confusion Continues: More on the ever-deepening enigma of Kanye West. This time, robots are involved. [The Awl]

The Wages of Acting: Apparently interviewing Christian Bale for a glossy profile is not the plum assignment it would seem. [Esquire]

This is What it Sounds Like: Let’s stop everything and just think really hard about why Prince is so awesome. [The Paris Review]

New Tricks: A simple guide to the mind-bogglingly complicated Facebook chat-mail business that rolled out this morning. [Fast Company]



Angry outbursts never look good, but we’re going to have to call this one as fair play. Or at least not obviously foul.

A true gentleman would have exercised a little more politeness, but frustration is just a byproduct of passion, and passion is always a good thing. Hundreds of actors would have let a few slips from the crew slide, and in the process accepted less from the movie and less from themselves. Much as the gossip press wishes it were otherwise, there’s no shame in caring about what you do.

Even if it means getting a little unkempt.

Gisele, Batman in Armani, and Death Comes for The Dressing Gown


Same Ol', Same Ol': Another day, another photospread of Gisele Bundchen looking so impossibly hot. It's almost boring at this point. Wait. This one's got video? Nevermind then. [GQ]

Under Lock and Key: Fashionable alternatives to that old carabiner you picked up durning your "crunchy granola" phase freshman year. [A Continuous Lean]

Dude Looks Like a Lady: Liv Tyler seems to be embarrassed about the wardrobe of her biological father, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. Some ladies have got no taste. [Contact Music]

Bat Suit: Christian Bale will be rocking Armani in the Dark Knight movie. We always figured Bruce Wayne was more partial to English cuts, but okay. [Brandish]

Call Me: Speaking of Armani and movies, seems Giorgio and Richard Gere made each other's careers. [The Moment]

Silk Shortage: The dressing gown is dead. The end is nigh! [A Suitable Wardrobe]

The Silver Ghost


Any brand with a decent bit of history behind it is bound to have a few stories in its files. Take, for instance, Rolls Royce’s famous hood ornament, a statuette with enough history to have a movie deal behind it.

The movie is The Silver Ghost, set to star Christian Bale and currently making the pre-production rounds. But the story itself is better than you might think»