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Tosca Dekker Is Slowly Turning Pink

Sock It to Me: Valet’s guide to the perfect Christmas stocking. Naturally, it includes chocolate. [Valet]

Pink Moon: If you’re up at 9am tomorrow, you may notice the moon taking on an ominously red hue, thanks to the lunar eclipse. If you’re not, we’re sure there will be lots of pictures. [The Atlantic Wire]

Chicken and Waffles, Together at Last: A gentleman’s guide to making chicken-and-waffle popovers, which sounds like the greatest food ever. [The Awl]

Actually, the Perfect Gift: Ladies and gentlemen, a 4.5-liter bottle of Johnnie Walker Black. How do you even pour it? [Fantastic Man]

The Sweet Science


Here’s one last piece of gift guidance before we call it a year: You can’t go wrong with chocolate. And rawer is always better.

CoolHunting rounds up a pretty good set here, but they leave off our favorite of the bunch, the famous Mast Brothers of Brooklyn. Known for their impressive beards and faculty with the chocolate arts, they’ve been one of the highlights of Williamsburg’s culinary scene for a while. Pick up a fleur de sal bar (possibly as a stocking stuffer) and you should be set.

Polaroids, Chocolate and Journalism


Summer Days: Matt Schwartz makes us miss Polaroid all over again. [Refinery29]

It’s in the Air: Smellable chocolate…somehow we don’t see this catching on. [NotCot]

Going Grey: In anticipation of HBO’s Grey Gardens miniseries, New York Magazine just posted their brilliant 70s piece on the East Hampton estate. It’s some of the best stuff they’ve ever published. [NYMag]

Red, White and Denim: George Will thinks blue jeans are weakening our national resolve. That’s funny; we thought it was bowties.[Wonkette]

Jews, Bottles and Large Knit Collars


Fast Times: In the wake of Yom Kippur, Complex counts down their 9 favorite Israelis, including Moran Gros (at left). Oddly enough, Ben-Gurion doesn’t make the list. [Complex]

Ever Since I Can Remember I’ve Been Poppin’ Them Bottles: Champagne sales plummet in the face of economic uncertainty. Where are the rappers when we need them? [Luxist]

Small Arms Fire: Mailing severed chocolate limbs may not be the best PR move. Although, given their client base, we’re not sure AXE could do much worse. [Gawker]

Button Up: Take heed, bankers! What the world needs now are shawl-collar cardigans. Plan your weekend accordingly. [Selectism]