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The Kempt Five

  • Najib Benouar

This Is The End

Every Wednesday from here on out, we’re giving you a piece of our minds. Actually, more like five pieces. It’s a chance to get a deeper look into what makes the minds behind Kempt tick—you know, beyond the usual Internet handsomeness we’re serving up daily. So welcome to our newest and most personal weekly feature: The Kempt Five.

Without further ado: here’s what’s on our minds this week.»

All the Shirts Your Summer Requires

  • Kempt Staff


By now you’ve already begun the monumental wardrobe shift into summer—but your most important move: summer-izing your shirts.

Once the temps start climbing past 70 degrees, it’s a whole new world of chambray, gingham, seersucker, madras and festive summer prints. And, as always, we’re here to help guide you through it with:

All of the handsome shirts your summer requires.»

Chambray’s Dirty Secret, Bastian Hangs with Trinidad James and Details Loves Sherry

  • Kempt Staff

Tuxedo slippers

Menswear, Science: Tweed in the City sets a few samples of chambray aflame in an attempt to get to the bottom of the poly-blend conspiracy. This could go all the way to the top.

Cats and Dogs: While felines might rule the Internet era, Slate reminds us that canines reign in print.

Straight Flexin’: In what has undoubtedly resulted in the photo that will break the #menswear Internet this week, Michael Bastian and Trinidad James profess their shared love for tuxedo slippers.

Oh, Sherry: Details makes the case for giving Sherry a second chance. (The drink.)

Coming to America: Officine Generale

  • Najib Benouar

Officine Generale

Our friends over at UrbanDaddy bring word that the elusive French menswear label Officine Generale has finally made its way to the states—and more importantly, the Internet. Which is fantastic news for the state of rakishness everywhere.

See, thanks to Tumblr, Instagram and Pitti Uomo, it can sometimes seem like there’s an endless supply of achingly handsome menswear readily available for the taking. But most of the good stuff is actually sitting folded neatly just out of the Internet’s reach in some incredibly well-guarded menswear Eden between Milan and Naples that you’ll never find.

Which is why we were pleasantly surprised to hear tell of Officine Generale making landfall on American soil, by way of SF’s Unionmade. It’s a good chunk of those blazers and poplin shirts that you’ve seen reblogged hundreds of times on Tumblr since the label’s January 2012 inception but have been otherwise untraceable. Meaning it’s not exactly menswear for the faint of wardrobe, but it is a good place to look if you’re feeling like a hickory-stripe blazer with four patch pockets is the sort of direction you’d like to go in this summer.

And if it is, here’s a closer look at some of our favorites.»

What Your #Menswear Baseball Cap Says About You

  • Najib Benouar


There are plenty of perfectly good reasons to wear a baseball cap.

Driving a convertible. Watching a ball game. Premature balding.

But we’ve been noticing a sharp rise in guys wearing more #menswear-y versions—without a hint of support for a sports team—even more so, with the recent rise in popularity of the five-panel cap and floral prints. And it got us thinking about what it all means. So we’ve gone ahead and taken stock of all the nonstandard baseball caps out there to give you a better idea of what your choice in billed topper is projecting to the world.

So, without further ado: what your #menswear baseball cap says about you, according to Kempt.»

The Power of Pink Chambray

  • Najib Benouar

The pink tie is a tricky move. (If Donald Trump has taught us anything...)

But this new batch of ties hot off the press from General Knot & Co. toughen it up by using a pink chambray and contrasting it with an Italian indigo twill at the knot. It’s still an advanced move, no doubt, but if you keep your jacket and shirt in check, it’s a nice eccentric touch that will go a long way—at the next summer wedding, perhaps.

It’s the right way to catch a bridesmaid’s attention.

Fifty Shades of Chambray

  • Najib Benouar

Take a look out your window. Chambray season is here. So we’d like to take this opportunity to give you a little visual inspiration on the subject—from Paul Newman, to what you’ll find in shops right now, to paratroopers in the South Pacific. But mostly for the excuse to make a Fifty Shades of Grey pun (even if we only made it about halfway to 50 pictures).

Without further ado...»

The Chambray Polo

Yellow Rat

Long-sleeve polos have been thick on the ground lately, but so far they’ve mostly been neat, aristocratic affairs. Luckily, we finally got our hands on something a little more rugged...

It comes from a throwback California line called Yellow Rat, swapping out that brushed cotton for a more rough-and-tumble chambray that’s light enough to take to the beach. And if you happen to throw on a khaki blazer over top of it, it’ll also be respectable enough to wear to dinner—provided you didn’t get too much sunscreen on it.

Spring’s looking better and better.

The Casual Handkerchief

A man should own a handkerchief.

They’re ideal for mopping brows and consoling distraught strangers—but it’s not just that. It’s the kind of gentlemanly affectation that suggests you’re in tune with a more genteel era. Of course, the white linen version can be a little traddish, even for us, but there are plenty of more lively options.

For instance, this chambray handkerchief from Rogue Territory. It’s rough-and-tumble enough to leave hanging out of the back pocket of your jeans, or peeking out of the breast pocket of your coat.

It wouldn’t look bad tucked into a stocking either.

Constance Jablonski has an Unorthodox Hairstyle

Catching the Moneyball: Would you like to know what Yogi Berra thinks of Moneyball? Of course you would. [WSJ]

The Raleigh Crowd: Raleigh Denim has been getting into indigo-dipped chambray, to great result. [Selectism]

The Punk Tailor: Tokyo lost one of its more interesting tailors this week. Raise a glass, gentlemen. [neojapanisme]

Nice Suit: Tom Ford is returning as James Bond’s tailor for Skyfall. We were foolish to doubt. [Telegraph]

Rothko's Bandana

Between biker style and the reappearance of the neckerchief, bandanas are having a pretty good year. And while Hill-Side is still the go-to, we may have found a slightly more ambitious option.

The brand’s called Grei, and they specialize in taking US-made chambray and running it through smart dye routines until it resembles the kind of thing you’d see on the wall at MoMA. SF’s Unionmade just put up a dozen pieces in their e-commerce shop, so you can start perusing now. Now if they only made pocket squares…

The Indestructible Blazer

As we head into fall, here’s an alternative to your standard-issue tweed jacket.

It comes from Monitaly, with the same cut as their Italophile blazers and one important difference: the fabric is duck canvas. That’s the same stuff you find on a Carhartt—basically the toughest canvas known to menswear. So despite the dandyish cut and the chambray-and-silk lining, this jacket can handle just about anything headed your way, including any September gusts.

Or any semi-formal construction sites.