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Event Recap: Details x CFDA Weekender Collection Launch

  • Caitlin Ganswindt

Details x CFDA

Continuing their week of revelry, last night the CFDA partied penthouse-style alongside Details for the launch of their second collaboration, the Weekender Collection.

Fashion folk took to the rooftop of the Mondrian SoHo, imbibing spirits from Japan’s Suntory whiskey distillery to celebrate the event. For their second project together (following last fall’s pocket square capsule), they tapped talent from 20 top menswear designers, asking each to reimagine the classic weekender duffel bag. And reimagine they did.

A hand-painted portrait of a WWII pinup girl donning Gilded Age’s bodice, leather handles and gold-pointed studs lining the straps of Simon Spurr’s, and a lesson in schizophrenic splatter painting by way of Yigal Azrouël, to name a few.

They’re each one of a kind, and will be up for grabs on eBay starting June 10 through 17.

Check out close-ups of some of our favorites after the jump.»

Olivia Culpo Is Number One

  • Najib Benouar

CFDA, LOL: You know who the big winner was last night (see: MOTH, Kempt), but Seth Meyers also made a good showing. [NYMag]

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Two Words: Steve Kerr: With crunch time in the NBA playoffs getting crunchier by the second, ESPN analyzes who’s got a better chance at hitting the buzzer-beater: the superstar or “the guy who’s open.” [ESPN]

Simon Spurr Bows Out

The big industry news of the weekend comes from Simon Spurr, who abruptly departed from his namesake label last week—just a week after he got a nod from the CFDA as one of the best menswear designers in America.

It’s left more than a few people stunned, but we’re mostly upset at the prospect that Spurr’s style of transatlantic tailoring might vanish from the scene entirely. He’s never been as trendy as the Thom Brownes of the world, but he’s been responsible for some of the better red-carpet moments of 2012 (starting with this one), and without him heading up a label, there’s no one to carry on the kind of angular suiting he worked so hard to establish.

Which is to say, we hope the man lands on his feet, if only for our wardrobe’s sake.

Alex Prager Knows How to Throw a Party

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Kempt Man of the Hour: Victor Glemaud

victorglemaud_crop.jpg via GQ

As you might expect, last Tuesday’s CFDA awards saw some pretty impressive getups, but our winner of the night was one Victor Glemaud, a local designer, bon vivant and influential proponent of the double-breasted tux.

For a designer, the impeccable pocket square and hip-librarian frames are pretty much a given, but going double-breasted—and playing the trad in every other respect—is a good deal smarter. The result is a elegant, red-carpet ready look that still manages to a bit sleeker than anyone else on the scene.

Given the crowd, that’s quite an achievement.

The High Council


There’s nothing like a little competition to stir the blood.

The nominations for the CFDA Awards were announced today, with Kempt favorites Thom Browne and Tom Ford picking up menswear nods, along with Michael Bastian. Due respect to Mr. Bastian, but we’re more excited about seeing the two T(h)oms face off. We like to think of it as bare chest vs. bare ankle. Mr. Browne took the prize last year, but we wouldn’t put it past him to bring it home again.

Having said that, our heart is with Mr. Ford.

Kermit Meets Terry, Mod Style and Glowing Toiletries


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Kempt Man of the Hour: Andre 3000

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

We have always regarded idiosyncratic impresario Andre 3000 (née Andre Benjamin) as one of the most stylish men in modern music. A fitting heir to Jimi Hendrix in many ways, it's felicitous that Benjamin (who has several acting credits to his name) has long had a Hendrix biopic in the works. Now he's branching out into fashion with his own line called Benjamin Bixby, inspired by 1930s football players.

More on today's MOTH »

Sebastian Whorsley, Middle Relief and Ascot Justice

Ashton & Demi

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Kempt Man of the Hour: Ralph Lauren

  • Jared Paul Stern


Photography: Patrick McMullan

There were plenty of young bucks in the fashion biz sporting 'creative' black tie at the CFDA/Vogue 7th on Sale gala the other night. But Ralph Lauren left 'em all in the dust. His ensemble consisted of an unbuttoned double-breasted dinner jacket over a black cashmere turtleneck, black velvet jodhpurs, black leather riding boots and a black calfskin equestrian-style belt with a silver clasp and buckles. The effect was pure Errol Flynn. More on Ralph…