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A Little Thing Called the Grammys Happened Last Night

  • Kempt Staff


Handsome Harmony: The gents from across the pond at British GQ ranked the most stylish men at the Grammys.

Can’t Stop the Sideboob: Meanwhile, the folks at HuffPost Style identify the lady lawbreakers of the Grammys’ dress code (and discuss things like “bare fleshy undercurves”).

Candid Camera: People snapped a dozen or so photos of off-camera celebrity mingling—and speculated whether play dates were discussed.

Mumford’s the Word: And just in case you missed last night’s festivities entirely, Rolling Stone recaps it all.

Return of the Gosling

  • Najib Benouar

We’re only three days into 2013 and things are already looking up in the Ryan Gosling department with this recently released trailer for The Place Beyond the Pines, (which sounds like a mashup of his roles in Blue Valentine and Drive... with stunt motorcycling swapped in).

Aside from one fleeting flash of brilliance on the red carpet, Ryan Gosling was largely absent from 2012’s menswear conversation—mostly because his two big projects got pushed. Gangster Squad will be out next week and Pines, though it premiered last year, doesn’t get released until March.

Throw in an as-of-yet untitled Terrence Malick film that’s currently in postproduction, and this could mean a big return to red-carpet form for The Notebooked One. (Let’s not forget the epic Gucci-fueled red carpet heater he was on for all of 2011. We almost had to have his Cannes pajama-shirt retired to the rafters of Kempt Man of the Hour Arena.)

Naturally, we’ve got the official trailer here for you, after the jump.»

Style Icons Wearing Santa Hats...

  • Najib Benouar

It’s Christmas Eve. That means at some point in the next 24 hours you might be faced with the opportunity to don a fur-lined topper, Santa-style...

Now, we included the Santa hat in our holiday must-haves, but with a stern disclaimer: there’s a time and a place for taking such a sartorial risk. If that time’s ever going to come, it’s tonight.

So in the event that you’re feeling up to the challenge, we’ve found some of history’s most stylish gents pulling off the look—from Bing Crosby to Ryan Gosling—and put them here for you, sort of as a sartorial confidence booster. (And as something to keep you occupied for the next couple days, until Kempt returns to our regularly scheduled dapperness.)

Presenting: the art of wearing a Santa hat, according to the style gods...»

Posh Denim, Prep Rockers and Monogram Lands in The Village


Top Banana: Monogram, Banana Republic's high-end branch line, will open its first stand-alone store on Bleecker Street next month. [DNRNews]

The Candy Man: Like so many celebrities, Willy Wonka has a fashion line. [LA Times]

Cut to Fit: A blogger's first foray into Hong-Kong bespoke sends him into revery. [Men's Flair]

The Source: A long hard look at the fabrics that separate the name brands from the knockoffs. [IHT]

Hats Off: The dizzying heights and heartbreaking lows of the newsboy cap. [Magnificent Bastard]

New York Noise: T charts the dress codes of your favorite local bands... and Vampire Weekend. Taste the backlash. [T Online]

Spice World: Unsatisfied with her successful campaign against feminine style and grace, Victoria Beckham attacks men's clothing. [DNRNews]