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Agent Provocateur Has This Surveillance Thing Down

agentprovocateur2_crop.jpgvia GQ UK

The Saga Continues: The third triumphant installment of Put This On arrives, teaching you the art of the four-in-hand, the interview outfit and how to dress like Tom Wolfe. Nicely done. [Put This On]

A Brief History of the Umbrella: In honor of a rainy day, the Paris Review tracks down the Italian origins of the umbrella in painstaking detail. [Paris Review]

Nobody Puts Cee-Lo in a Corner: Cee-Lo’s awesome new single gets the cinematic treatment. [Dallas Observer]

Greatest Of All Time: The top 10 commercials from the NBA’s golden age…only somehow Jordan and Bird playing an intergalactic game of horse for McDonald’s doesn’t make the cut. [The Smoking Jacket]