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The Translucent Tie

C. Chauchat’s stayed under the radar so far, but their recent Robert Geller collab suggests they might finally be headed for some menswear cred. The pics don’t do justice, but if you see the ties in person, you’ll know why we’re such fans. Each one is wrapped in layers of dyed, translucent chiffon. As a result, the colors shift when you see them from different angles—genuinely unlike anything else you’ve got in your closet. You can see better pictures here, but you might be better off just heading to Assembly to see it firsthand.

My Hands are Tied


Other than periodic sea changes—most recently from silk to wool and from wide to narrow—the tie world doesn’t have much in the way of innovation. Which makes the exceptions all the more interesting.

C. Chauchat is a tie line based around one of the more interesting fabric innovations we’ve seen in quite some time. The pictures don’t quite do them justice, but here’s the gist: classic fabrics like seersucker and checked poplin covered up by a sheer layer of cotton voile. The result is an item that looks a little different every time you glance at it, and probably one of the more compelling fabrics in your closet.

So far it’s only at two shops—Bblessing in New York and Creatures of Comfort in L.A.—but we won’t be surprised if that number starts growing before the winter’s up.