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Mikaela Carlen is Ruining Your Sweater

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A Series of Tubes


In the wake of the Iranian Election turmoil, YouTube and Twitter have gotten a lot of press as something more than idle entertainments. And while Twitter hasn’t changed up their game plan too much, YouTube is getting a little full of itself.

In order to assist the new generation of webcam-equipped witnesses, YouTube has launched The Reporters’ Center, a feed devoted to guiding and publishing the work of aspiring citizen journalists. They’ve got brief tutorials from Bob Woodward, Nicholas Kristof and (for some reason) Arianna Huffington on getting to the bottom of the story, but we’re not sure if the world is quite ready for the stories that they’re about to get. It’s one thing to publicize raw feeds from an event everyone already agrees is important, but it’s quite another to sift through a few thousand clips looking for something that approaches newsworthiness.

Either way, we’re guessing the cat-in-fan story is about to get a lot more play.

A Meme is Born


Much as we try to keep things classy, the bulk of the internet has always been composed of two things: pornography and pictures of cats. So when someone has a good idea—like, The Sartorialist, for instance—it’s a sure bet that it’ll filter down into one of those two arenas.

And now, the less interesting of the two possibilities has finally become a reality. Ladies and gentleman: The Catorialist.

The above image, by the way, is captioned “the power of men’s accessories,” and the sound you hear is the internet swallowing itself whole. As for The Nudetorialist, nobody’s snatched up the domain name yet, but it can only be a matter of time.