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The Most Stylish Cartoons of All Time

  • Najib Benouar


You may not have realized it, but your sartorial consciousness was already being formed at a much earlier age than the day you discovered your first Americana blog or received that particularly slick belt on your 12th birthday...

It all began during your footie-pajama’d Saturday morning routine, thanks to an assortment of surprisingly stylish characters (of the cartoon variety). Whether it was Curious George’s yellow-hatted caretaker, Beast’s Renaissance-chic or Smithers’s bow tie. There was a lot to learn from the fastidiously drawn fashionistos of animated film and television—most importantly, the cardinal menswear rule of “building a daily uniform.” But who were the most stylish?

We’re glad you asked, because we’ve rounded up all 24 of them, with respect to their signature looks. Pants optional.»

Miranda Kerr Is Gonna Make A Change

  • Kempt Staff

Brolin on the River: Josh Brolin stars in Band of Outsiders’ fall campaign, shot on a Polaroid by Scott Sternberg himself. [The Daily Beast]

Lines Drawn: How a political cartoonist views an election year. (We can hear his palms rubbing from here.) [The Atlantic]

Writing’s on the Jowl: Could Shia LaBeouf’s epic transformation into the anti-movie-star have been predicted by the evolution of his facial hair? An investigative report. [Vulture]

Staying Abreast: GQ regales us with the 50 most memorable chesticles in movie history (yes, in 25 slides, math whiz). [GQ]

Barbara Palvin Has Learned the Secret of the Ooze

  • Najib Benouar

Barbara Palvinvia FGR

Turtles in a Nutshell: Mental Floss caught up with TMNT’s cocreator for a very comprehensive history lesson on the young clan of heroic mutant reptiles. (Answering any burning questions you’ve had since adolescence.) [Mental Floss]

Pizza Pizza: Learn of the subtle nuances between America’s 10 distinct styles of pizza. (Something a modern man should be well-versed in.) [Zagat]

Atop Ten: The 10 reasons you should climb Mount Kilimanjaro, from a guy who’s done it. (Not that you hadn’t planned to already.) [National Geographic]

Time to Buzz the Tower: And now, 40 pictures of fighter jets breaking the sound barrier. [TwistedSifter]