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Timepiece Tuesday: Marc+Spring Gives New Meaning to “Timeshare”

  • Kempt Staff
Timepiece Tuesday: Marc+Spring Gives New Meaning to “Timeshare”

You’ve heard of timeshares before (usually in the company of billowy aloha shirts and drinks with umbrellas). But here’s a new one: Marc+Spring, an online startup launching this week that offers fractional ownership in high-end wrist candy—allowing you to wear a Patek Philippe for an allotted amount of time, without having to pony up the entire 90-grand price tag.

Here’s how to get a piece of the action...

Cartier’s Newest Sport Watch

  • Kempt Staff


If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s: get the right timepiece and you’ll see returns far beyond your initial investment.

And when it comes to haute horology, there are only a few houses as legendary as Cartier—they’ve been making iconic watches since 1904, when Louis Cartier designed one of the first-ever aviation watches.

And now they’ve got another instant icon on their hands: the new Calibre Chronograph.

It’s a style that will catch the attention of watch aficionados and gearheads alike. (For those keeping score at home, “calibre” is the official designation for watch movements totally unique to a watch brand.) But the real functionality is that this Cartier is just as slick as its forefather—down to the telltale sapphire adorning the crown—but it’s a sport watch at heart. In other words, you’ve got a timepiece that’ll look just as at-home under a field jacket as it will under your summer-weight suit. It comes in a handful of different finishes that you can get a better look at after the jump, plus we’re deeming our three favorites instant Must-Haves (to join the rest of the crew in our left-most column).

Take a closer look at Cartier’s new Calibre Chronograph.»

Your Pre-Summer Must-Haves

  • Najib Benouar

Must Haves

Summer’s so close, we can almost taste it.

Sure, we’ve still got about a month to go before it’s officially dirty bucks and sundress season, but it’s already time to trade in the power umbrella for May flowers and attend to a few other orders of business in preparation for summer.

We like to call this magical warmer-but-not-hot-yet time “pre-summer” and we’re making sure you make the most of it with our new crop of Must-Haves (as always, you can find them in our left column whenever you need a refresher).

Time to tune up the barbecue grill, break out the whites, have a shandy and much, much more.»

Geneva Calling

As anyone with a serious vintage watch habit can testify, the really good stuff is all at auction. The latest example is a Christie's auction coming up this Monday in Geneva, featuring three of our favorite post-Submariner watches for some extremely friendly prices. (Don’t worry, you can bid remotely.) There’s the Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso, the Cartier Tank and an unusually art deco Patek Phillipe.

That last one also comes in a million-dollar version, if you want to do your part for the Eurozone.

Going Beyond the Submariner

  • Najib Benouar

If you’ve been paying close attention to the wrists of menswear lately, you’ll have noticed a lot of metal-strapped diving watches peeking from under well-appointed cuffs. It’s a good look, the rugged juxtaposed with the elegant (à la Agnelli’s Italian hiking boots and bespoke suit). But nowadays the Submariner has become so ubiquitous, it’s almost as if there aren’t other wearable watches out there—which couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Our two cents: it’s time to move on and start looking for a new, dressier watch. And as luck would have it, we’ve got a few suggestions...

Three other types of watch to check out»

Celluloid Classic

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

The other day in St. Moritz we caught a rare glimpse of one of the silver screen's true classics—a certain Faye Dunaway. It can sometimes be painful to look upon the faded beauty of screen sirens in later life, but Ms. Dunaway has still got a certain something, a lingering spark of the woman who wowed us in Chinatown et al.; no mean feat at age 67.

The actress was spotted at an art gala thrown by Cartier in the Swiss resort the other night, where Claudia Cardinale, who, alas, has not aged as well, also put in appearance. Meanwhile, Dunaway may be returning to the big screen soon; she's rumored to have a starring role in twisted director Todd Solondz's upcoming flick *Life During Wartime*.

Kempt Man of the Hour: Zac Posen

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

Debonair designer Zac Posen has been on the verge of snagging many a MOTH before now, only to be usurped at the last moment by some slightly more splendiferous fellow. Truth be told, there were some very close calls where we ended up handing the prize to a less consistently natty rival, simply because we knew there'd never be a shortage of stylish Zac sightings. The man seems to be at every A-list event on the social calendar, and he's usually the life of the party.

More on Mr. Posen»

Kempt Man of the Hour: Kilian Hennessy

  • Jared Paul Stern

Killian Hennessy

*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

Kilian Hennessy embodies that old chestnut about life not being fair. The dashing Sorbonne grad is the grandson of the founder of the LVMH Group and the heir to a long line of “luxury pioneers.” You should have seen all the well-bred babes fawning over him at the launch of his new By Kilian fragrance collection, L'Oeuvre Noir, the other night at Bergdorf's. And unlike us, he will never, *ever*, run out of cognac.

That a fellow like this should be extremely well-dressed to boot comes as no surprise we suppose »