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The Pinnacle of Carnie Style


We wouldn’t endorse all the different elements of carnie style circa 1941, but we’ll go to bat for this gentleman, both for a perfectly utilitarian use of suspenders and pulling off a pith-y hat without looking like, well, a carnie. His pelican is duly impressed.

Would This Man Lie to You?


There are pretty faces, there are honest faces, and then there are downright fascinating faces. Carnival workers, as a rule, tend to have the third kind.

This one comes courtesy of Matt Hoyle’s Barnumville phootography project, and while we wouldn’t advocate donning the tophat and neck ribbon just yet, it’s a good example of what a guy can pull off when he’s fully committed—and he’s got the face for it.

See you at the tilt-a-whirl.

The Big Top


In an interesting development, yesterday’s Thom Browne show eschewed the usual “military” and “post-apocalyptic rock star” themes so popular these days in favor of a carnival vibe, complete with a feathery ringmaster to introduce the show.

(This Refinery 29 post offers a good overview of the madness, and it’s from a familiar face.)

In short, Fashion Week just got a little bit more Cirque du Soleil.