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Michelle Buswell is Season-Inappropriate

Michelle Buswellvia WBE

Spurred On: A profile of Simon Spurr, from our very own Paul Underwood, chronicling exactly how you get your suit onto Justin Timberlake’s back. [Esquire]

The Man Reappears: An in-depth talk with the hipster cop, who is apparently in his 40s. Good to know he’s keeping current. [City Room]

We Can Always Use Another Olsen: Here’s another profile of Elizabeth Olsen. And yes, we’re still fascinated. [The American Project]

Babies Makin’ Babies: And, finally, Carla Bruni’s giving birth. We’re not happy about it either. [BBC]

Getting Political


Eye Candy: Have you ever noticed how every time Sarkozy’s approval numbers droop, a new set of Carla Bruni nudes hits the web? [The Awl]

Shine On: The recession hits the rap industry's chains. Where is Jacob the Jeweler when the world needs him? [WSJ]

Have a Seat: The Grey Lady’s take on the ICFF. [NYTimes]

Going Upriver: Trovata ventures into the uncivilized wilderness that is Montauk. [Fashionista]

State Secrets


Everyone’s got a few photos kicking around that they’d prefer didn’t see the light of day. But apparently Carla Bruni has more than most. And they may have fallen into the wrong hands…

One of the French first lady's exes, Raphael Enthoven, was holding onto a few “highly intimate” mementos of their time together, but last night a group of highly motivated thieves broke into the apartment where the photos were being kept and made away with the priceless stills. It’s troubling news for anyone with an interest in state sovereignty and the sanctity of nude photography.

If the secret service can’t keep a few photos out of the limelight, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Man with a Movie Camera


We haven’t been keeping up with Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy much lately—to be honest, once they got married, we lost the spark—but a lucky documentarian is about to catch us up.

Tomorrow in Paris, the spectacularly fortunate Scottish filmmaker George Scott is premiering an 80-minute documentary on the couple that follows the French power couple from their first meeting through their eventual marriage, with apparently unrestricted access.

Naturally, it’s already tabloid fodder (via The Cut), but the surprising thing is how much access he seems to have gotten. Early reports have him filming the couple nuzzling and taking a tour of the Elysee palace. Anyone hitting the Parisian film festival circuit should feel free to drop us a line, but otherwise we’ll have to wait until it crosses the Atlantic.

Carla’s Bag, Coleman, and Peter Criss


Half in the Bag: Shockingly, Carla Bruni objects to having her naked image printed on a tote bag. [The Cut]

I’m a Cole Man: A Continous Lean goes camping. [A Continuous Lean]

Eric B. For President: The impromptu open call for Obama’s inaugural getup yields some interesting results. Despite the FDR comparisons, no one tries the obvious wheelchair-and-blanket look. [FashionIndie]

In Praise of Egg Nog: Click this link if you want to see four eggs painted to look like the members of KISS. [BoingBoing]

Lyrics by Bruni, Hedi Goes East, and Posh Gets Squashed


Could We Love Carla Bruni Any More?: We didn't think so. Then we read these lyrics. [Radar]

Hot Rods: That emblem on your car's hood may indicate more than your choice in brands. [Jalopnik]

Turning Japanese: Hedi Slimane is the natural muse of Vogue Homme Japan much as Sean Avery is the natural muse of Men's Vogue US. [WWD]

Victoria Beckham's Menswear Line Canceled: Whew. That was a close one. [Female First UK]

Totally Swede: A review of Stockholm Fashion Week. [The Pipeline]

Showing Some Leg, Showing Even More Leg, and Showing Kate's Legs


Happy Accident: City Rag went looking for a shot of Kate Hudson's tattoo and found lots of bare skin instead. Don't you hate it when that happens? [City Rag]

Rising Stocks: ACL digs into the Wall Street Journal's report on highwater trousers—remember, less fabric equals greater dividends to boardmembers. [A Continuous Lean]

Karl's World: One day we will all live under the yolk of his iron, black-clad fist…and it will be fabulous. [The Pipeline]

Bank On It: Store your dwindling funds in these beauties. [Hyr Collective]

On Your Knees: David Coleman instructs us on how to wear the latest cut-off shorts styles, make your own, and possibly ruin a perfectly good pair of pants. [NYTimes]

D-I-V-O-R-C-E: Poor A-Rod. Poor, poor A-Rod. []

First Baby: Queen of our world, Carla Bruni, wants a baby, but Nic Sarkozy is mum on the subject. The line for volunteers starts behind us. [NYMag]

Assembly Lines, Pocket Squares, and Salma Forever


Certified Classic: Salma Hayek—still beautiful, still badass. [Camel Tap]

British Invasion: Save your pence—Topman will arrive any day [DNRNews]

These Nike Canvas Lows Are Kinda Awesome: That is all. [Hypebeast]

Pocket Protector: The history of the pocket square revealed. [Art of Manliness]

Putting It Together: Assembly, the omnisexual store from one of the creators of Scout, is picking up all kinds of press. [We Are The Market]

Misunderestimating: President George W. Bush tells French President Nicholas Sarkozy of his wife, Carla Bruni, "I can see why you married her". Apparently his degree from Yale was in stating the obvious. [BBC]

Hanging In There: The tie is dead? Go tell it to CBS. [A Continuous Lean]

Anouck, Aimé

  • Jared Paul Stern


Apparently not only is there such a thing as French *Playboy* but it seriously puts the American version—actually, make that *America*—to shame. While our original iteration of the classic men's mag is irredeemably cheesy, the French version puts a high-fashion spin on things which elevates it above the onanistic urges of, well, the kind of guys who buy *Playboy*.

A peak inside the June issue»

Re-Auction Time


Christie’s auction of Gert Elfering’s private collection came to a close yesterday, allowing us to attach a dollar value to nudity.

Most notably, our favorite first lady ended up just shy of six figures, pulling down $91,000 for a full-frontal Michel Comte snap from 1993. The more striking Lauren Hutton pic (at left) went for $127,000, but we’re sure having Richard Avedon’s name attached didn’t hurt.

More pictures and in-depth analysis»

Auction and Adventure


Tomorrow, Christie’s is auctioning off the private collection of Gert Elferling, a collector who has apparently spent the last few decades compiling erotic shots of some of the most beautiful women in the world. The auction contains lots of familiar faces and it’s already making waves for more than a few of our favorite people.

Notably, our boy Sarkozy is facing some embarrassment from the British press as the auction features a nude shot from Ms. Bruni’s wilder years and coincides with his first Bruni-assisted visit to the UK.

More highlights from Christie's»

Man Hugs, Man Bags and Mendes


Our Girl Friday: We don't know if Eva Mendes posed for these shots before going into rehab and, frankly, we don't care. [Maxim]

The Queen and The Princess: Carla Bruni visits England, making every first lady in history look downright homely in the process. [Telegraph UK]

San Francisco Treat: A brief and stylish tour of Fog City. [Refinery29]

Brotherly Love: We're not sure if we believe in "bromance," but we are sure we love ya, dude. [Men.Style]

"What's In Your Manbag?": Excuse me, it's a European men's carryall, okay? [Guardian UK]

Buying in Bulk: Shoppers snatch up Tim Hamilton shirts 20 at a time. Look for them soon on superfuture and eBay. [Racked]