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Scenes From the Capsule Show

The trade show/blogger convention known as Capsule has come and gone, and apart from a few stand-outs (which you’ll be hearing about in the weeks to come), it was a blur of handsomeness: plaid after plaid, camo after camo, and more good ideas than we’ve ever seen in one place.

So we thought we’d pass on the menswear headrush in the best way we know how—lots and lots of photos.

Our favorite photos from Capsule, including Monitaly, Velardi and a certain vintage Brooks Brothers jockey helmet…»

Kempt Man of the Hour: Omar Leslie

This time of year, it’s always nice to see someone who looks like he came from the beach.

In this case, the gentleman is blogger and freelance photographer Omar Leslie, who passed through the menswear frenzy known as the Capsule show in a getup equally well-suited for Aruba. A few points of interest: the dangling braided belt, the weathered ribbon on his wrist and, of course, the invisitie. And the shorts aren’t bad either.

It’s inspired our new summer style maxim: Don’t dress for where you’re going; dress for where you wish you were going.

The Knit Cotton Tie


The knit tie has been an extra credit item for well-dressed men for a while now…long enough that we’re ready to see a few twists on it.

This one came from Camo’s capsule booth, with an important difference from the average square-bottomed knit. Instead of wool or silk, this is knit together from cotton, in a ribbed pattern not that different from the waistline of a sweater.

Apparently it took some serious factory shenanigans to make it work, but the result is our favorite piece of tie technology this season.

The Sentimental Favorite


We’re still sorting through all the capsule goodies we’ve collected in the past two days, but we thought we’d let this one slip out to whet your appetite. It’s from the Italian semi-streetwear brand Camo, who seems to have grown up in a hurry.

Instead of last season’s quilted coats and cardigans, this season’s line goes direct for the shabby 70s suit vibe, which just happens to be a sentimental favorite of ours.

This burgundy number is our favorite—the double breast and extra-wide peak lapels should let you know it’s ironic—but there’s plenty more where that came from. It might be the most casual suit we’ve seen this side of…well, a leisure suit. It’s a pretty twee move, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

Stay tuned; there’s plenty more where that came from.

See more of Camo after the jump»

Refined Tastes


This time of year, it pays to have a pair of snow-ready shoes handy. They probably won’t be the best-looking thing in your closet, but they’ll spare you the trouble of galoshes and get you through the slushy time of year with all your finer footwear intact.

At the capsule show, Gourmet showed us some of the best examples we’ve seen so far, along with a respectable showing of straight sneakers. Their zippered shoes—which we keep wanting to describe as “spaceman shoes”—are definitely a good idea, but the crown jewel is to the right. Look at the matching rubber bottoms and you’ll start to get the idea. This is the first time we’ve seen a shoe that could genuinely call L. L. Bean an influence.

Score another one for Maine.

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Future’s So Bright


It’s a little too cold to be thinking about sunglasses at the moment, but maybe we just need to think warm thoughts. And grab a good pair of sunglasses…

These come from an Oliver Peoples offshoot called Mosley Tribes, and they should be hitting stores at about the same time you’re willing to go outside again. Around the time March and April roll around, these summery shades will be finding their way into window displays, and we’ll be among the first in line. We like their gingham model too, but somehow these take the cake.

Besides, the yellow reminds us of summer.

Gilding the Lily


We’ve been impressed by Gilded Age before, but this is the first time they’ve pushed themselves historically. Their usual beat is 19th Century New England workwear, but their latest collection sees them swerving in a Hopper-esque direction. Instead of anachronistic rural digs, they’ve moved to anachronistic urban gear, meaning two-colored cardigans, trench coats and denim blazers, among others. There are enough people chasing the *Mad Men* look already, but Gilded Age is bringing something entirely their own to the look.

And, of course, they still churn out weathered jeans and flannel as well as anyone.

Click for another look at the clothes»

B for Effort


One of the highlights of the capsule show was a British marque called “b”. (The store is b Store, the in-house line is b Clothing, shoes are b Footwear, and so on.) They’ve been one of the highlights of the London scene since they opened in 2000, but they’re only building up a stateside presence now. Their website has a few highlights—including a few bathrobe-esque takes on the waistcoat—but their merch at capsule was a cut above.

More on the wares of b Store»

In the Capsule


The capsule show this week had a lot of inspiration on hand—in the clothes and in the complimentary cocktails—but to be honest, we’re still sorting through it all. Swedish clothing! Free brownies! We saw Damon Dash! For reals!

In the meantime, we thought we’d take a look at some of the better dressed attendees. As you might imagine, the competition was pretty heated. And, because of the literal heat, bare ankles and wrists were the order of the day.

This well-inked gentleman is Jordan Saylor, proprietor of Portland boutique Winn Perry—you might remember them as the northwestern source for Sovereign Beck ties. On his travels to the east, he’s decked out in a seersucker and oxford combo, combined with a leather satchel that may be the best thing about the outfit. After all, he’s here on business.

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Left Holding the Bag


We first saw these bags at Carga’s booth at the Capsule Show in January. Carga’s philosophy is based on applying construction techniques to clothing, and this is one of the better examples of the principle. Aside from a few leather accents, the bag’s main material is industrial wool felt—a considerably tougher stock than what you find on your card table. It’s held together by aluminum rivets with a die-cut handle for a raw, architectural look that owes more to the construction site than the boardroom.

The style is also available as a briefcase and a vertical laptop bag, but we prefer the larger model. If you’re going industrial, you might as go for capacity.

[Carga Bags]