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Can’t Buy Me Love


This object probably conjures up familiar feelings for anyone hoarding a nest egg as their own personal safety blanket. It may not be quite as fuzzy as the average plush toy, but it’s satisfying to touch, and the smell is quite nice.

We see two potential markets: hyper-capitalists with a sentimental streak (for instance…) and their offspring. After all, what better way to train little Dalton the proper banking instincts than by tossing one of these into his crib?

Cash Rules Everything Around Me


Market capitalism has had a rough few months, and everyone seems to be piling on. It lost the bankers to corporate bailouts and now it may lose its most vocal and culturally important spokesmen: the rappers.

The new single from the production team N.A.S.A. manages to lure Chuck D out of obscurity for an impressive verse, and that’s a MOTH you’re hearing on the chorus, but the song—titled “Money”—doesn’t seem to think too highly of the stuff. In fact, it’s downright skeptical. Maybe it's Shepard Fairey's video, but the paper chase comes out looking pretty unseemly. And if we can’t believe in material wealth, what’s left to rap about?

Whatever happened to putting five carats in your baby girl’s ear?

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