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Turning Red


It’s the golden rule of neo-trad footwear: everything looks better with a red brick sole.

The latest candidate is Keds’ depression-era Booster, the rough canvas version of their classic plim that just got a bright new bottom thanks to Mark McNairy. The result is the best kind of high-low fusion. The bottom is the same kind of 19th century style as your $200 saddle shoes, while the upper is some of roughest canvas this side of burlap. Hopefully you’ve got equally rugged socks.

Up Front


There are big changes afoot in the sneaker world, but so far, it hasn’t been clear what was going to trickle down to the Reeboks and Converses of the world. But, opinionated gentlemen that we are, we have a thought or two on the subject.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present the canvas oxford. If it hasn’t gained serious ground in the shoe racks of the world by next summer, we’re going to be very disappointed.

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