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Monika Jagaciak Is Not Leaving Her Fridge

  • Kempt Staff

Sandy’s Photo Album: With the effects of Hurricane Sandy still slowing down everything on the Eastern Seaboard, some intrepid tweeters managed to take live pictures of the storm (presumably just before their batteries died). [BuzzFeed]

Float On: Now might be the time to take up canoeing—and Art of Manliness has the four best routes to paddle. (Aside from lower Manhattan.) [AoM]

Not... Jeans: The Sandy-induced descent into chaos continues—now the Yale Club has suspended its dress code policy. [Observer]

Unbreakable Bond: Esquire talks to the man behind the harrowing stunts in the latest Bond film. [Esquire]

Vlada Roslyakova is Unhappy with her Sheets


Alarm Clocks: Either that, or she’s mentally composing an ode to the dawn. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

A Gentleman’s Guide to Seersucker: All you really need to know is that it’s awesome—particularly if you are a lawyer, but not a big city lawyer. [Valet]

A Gentleman’s Guide to the Drug Haunts of 80s Era Miami: Break out your coke-white Don Johnson blazer. It’s nostalgia time. [Gridskipper]

A Gentleman’s Guide to the Canoe: Vintage canoe pics close out Tuesday afternoon. Bring a wide-brimmed hat and a paddle. [Archival Clothing]