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Man of the Hour: James McAvoy

  • Najib Benouar


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the Cannes Film Festival always seems to turn up some of the best style moments.

And the latest example happened just over the weekend...

Kempt Man of the Hour, James McAvoy, please take a bow.

This is exactly how you Cannes-ify a three-piece suit—the one in question here is a Burberry number: keep the look buttoned-up until you hit the collar and ditch the tie. A Mediterranean backdrop and a starlet on your arm also helps.

Have a closer look at James McAvoy’s Cannes style, after the jump.»

Master of Arts

  • Najib Benouar

The last time we checked in on stylishness returning to the big screen, our list of this year’s crop of promising movies ended with The Master. All we had was a short teaser then—director Paul Thomas Anderson has been patently tight-lipped about the film—but the trailer has finally been released. (All part of a calculated media rollout, which began in Cannes last year when a shadowy poster appeared with only the words “Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Project” on it.) We finally get to see Philip Seymour Hoffman in all of his L. Ron Hubbard-ness, donning a navy double-breasted blazer and addressing a yet-to-be-revealed audience. It’s all very intriguing and creepy at the same time—especially with everyone dressed in dusty ’50s-era high-waisted slacks.

We’ve got the trailer here for you, after the jump.»

Ashley Smith Is a Diamond’s Best Friend

  • Najib Benouar

Fear the Beard: GQ catches up with Tom Hardy (of Inception fame) at Cannes to talk beefing up, kicking crack and his personal style, but somehow manages to skirt the issue of the furry elephant in the room: that chin-fro. [GQ]

Winning Time: An NHL Hall of Famer reflects on the House finale, Steve Jobs and what they’ve taught us about being winners. [Grantland]

Polanski, Kingsley and Bonham Carter: File this three-minute short under “the wonderfully offbeat things that only happen in Cannes.” [T Magazine]

Hey Mickey: Hypebeast gives us a heads-up and preview of CNBC’s upcoming J.Crew documentary. [Hypebeast]

Kempt Man of the Hour: David Beckham

  • Najib Benouar

With the gaze of the fashion set firmly locked on Cannes this week, everyone missed the blaze of dapperness happening just a yacht-ride away in Athens. The Brits sent over aging firebrand David Beckham to light the Olympic torch for London 2012 and bring it home for the ceremonial torch relay across the hosting country. If there’s one thing we’ve always known about the guy: he cleans up well. But this goes beyond that, with the navy kit, contrast spread collar, pocket square and tie clip—a smart move when dealing with an open flame. It came together so well, he was mistakenly introduced as “Sir” more than once.

We would have also accepted the tucked tie in this situation.

Kelly Monaco Is a Double-Threat

  • Najib Benouar

Rare Bird: In honor of Brooklyn Decker’s stunning performance in Battleship, Complex rounds up the 50 most... talented... models-turned-actress. [Complex]

Poster Ploys: We all know the bold-faced movies set to screen in Cannes, but there are countless more looking for their big break. And the first step is a catchy poster. Here, Vulture gives us the “best” of the rest. [Vulture]

Don’t Forget to Wear a Flower in Your Lapel: If your idea of Memorial Day weekend fun involves vintage watches, then the Hodinkee gents would like to see you in San Francisco. [Hodinkee]

Like This: An all-encompassing infographic on today’s blockbuster Facebook IPO—minus any relevant financial advice. [Esquire]

Men of the Hour: The Moonrise Kingdom Crew

  • Najib Benouar

Cannes opened its annual week of pomp and circumstance with a screening of Moonrise Kingdom. And it was as if everything fell into place perfectly. The calculated whimsy, pitch-perfect weather, Bill Murray acting a fool while Wes Anderson et al watched in bemused exasperation. And it all captured the essence of what Cannes is: beautiful people, dressing well, having fun. They nailed it. All of ’em. Together. Joe Cool Willis cracking a smile, Murray being the wily old codger he is, juxtaposed with the buttoned-up Anderson, and to finish: a surprisingly stylish Norton (he really ties the room together). Way to set the tone for the week to come, fellas. Bravo.

Xenia Deli Is Daydreaming

  • Najib Benouar

via WBE

Good Will Stunting: The Washington Post has the first day of Cannes in slideshow form. Most notably, more Sacha Baron Cohen stunts—involving a model and a yacht. [Washington Post]

Unsure, Unsure, Unsure: Esquire investigates parabens—the latest scapegoat in personal hygiene products (like deodorant). [Esquire]

Olympian Ablaze: A heartwarming sports story of an American Olympian hopeful known for being “the McEnroe of Ping-Pong” and his penchant for herb. [Grantland]

The Newest Americana-phile: Jay-Z is headlining/curating a Made in America concert in Philly. Rolling Stone gets the details, while standing in front of a Pop-Up-Flea-sized American flag. (Watch the throne, Mr. Lean.) [Rolling Stone]

Mikaela Olsson Has Lost a Button

  • Najib Benouar

Kanye Do It?: Mr. West is already having a busy week, with all the Kardashian-wooing, and now he’s announced plans to field a 30-minute Cannes submission—that he’s yet to roll camera on. [NY Daily News]

Game Recognize Game: According to William Zinsser, the best way to get cast in a Woody Allen movie is to wear ugly sneakers and walk down Madison Avenue. (Speaking from experience.) [The American Scholar]

Lambo Chops: Driven takes us to Beijing, where Lamborghini is unveiling its first-ever SUV. No word on whether the doors will still open upwards. [Driven]

Brothers Bluth: Here’s the trailer for Mansome, documenting Will Arnett and Jason Bateman as they delve into the eternal question of what makes a man handsome. To which we’d like to ask: is this why we’re still waiting on that Arrested Development movie? [Selectism]

Kempt Goes to Cannes

Cannes Red Carpet

After disappearing late last week without a peep, our intrepid editorial director Randy Goldberg finally resurfaced—telling stories of the Riviera and a close encounter with Sir Robert DeNiro. Of what really went on there, we have only this record… When our friends at Stella Artois asked if I had a couple of days to drop by Cannes, bunk down at Chez Jacques at the near-perfect Carlton Hotel, help close out the Festival and generally use the word Riviera as a verb, I obliged. I brought a tuxedo, a pair of trunks and an appetite for le destruction. As for what I found there, all the rumors are true: yachts made of solid gold, an endless fountain of truly mesmerizing creatures, gala-side dealmaking, Chanel breezes, 30-euro cocktails, le Palm D’Or, flashbulb sunburns, method acting during hotel lobby brawls (that would be Mr. Gosling), enough rose to drown a desperate housewife, and, of course, the gracious hospitality of Jacques D’Azur.

Below, a few passing shots of how I saw things…»

Kempt Man of the Hour: Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling at Cannes

The path from “respected actor” to “movie star” is an elusive, magical thing. But dressing to kill at Cannes is a pretty good first step.

We know, he's been getting a lot of love around these parts, but this trifecta of handsomeness was too good to pass up. The two colorful tuxes are brilliant—each one catching eyes without seeming too prom-worthy—but our favorite is the Schnabel-esque getup on the right. The tropical white pants and blue spectators are both pitch-perfect formal daywear, and the untucked pajama-shirt is the stuff lookbooks are made of.

If he keeps this up, he may be headed for icon territory.

Kempt Man of the Hour: John C. Reilly

This week, John C. Reilly faced two immutable, contradictory truths.

First, Cannes is very glamorous. Second, Cannes is very hot.

His solution takes a page from southern style. He arrived at the 64th Cannes Film Festival wearing a pair of shortwing spectators, a featherweight suit and a panama hat—a throwback, to be sure.

It’s the kind of thing you could imagine Chaplin wearing on his day off, but for a half-comic actor like Reilly, it’s the perfect reminder that he isn’t just appearing in Scottish psychodramas all day.

In other words, it’s the best possible way to dress like a clown. As it turns out, French cinephiles have a soft spot for them.