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Brad Pitt and the Gentleman’s Cane

From time to time, a man may sustain injury.

It might happen in battle, or result from powerful exertions of strength or—in the case of Brad Pitt—in the course of rescuing one’s daughter from a treacherous ski slope.

But no matter how you come by your injury, the important thing is to wear it with pride. This pic comes from last night’s Critics’ Choice awards, where Pitt did just that. It’s a simple, functional cane (conveniently coordinated with his black tux), but was our favorite thing on the red carpet for the simple reason that it made him look more interesting.

When your baseline is being Brad Pitt, that’s no easy thing.

En Garde


It’s worthwhile to pay attention to what you’ve got in your closet. For instance, is that pinewood cane also a sword? It’s all in the details…

This Wall Street Journal piece brought our attention to the surprising number of sword-canes being confiscated by airport security, simply as a result of absent-mindedness.

We’ve got no problem with the sword-cane in general—if it’s good enough for Zaitoichi, it’s good enough for us—but dressing for the occasion probably dictates not bringing any concealed medieval weaponry to the airport.

The lesson: Whether it’s the exact shade of purple in your argyle sweater or the throwing knives concealed in your work boots, check it out before you put it on.