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The Mustache Movement


Canadian Club just released an update to the Goldwater-chic ad campaign that caught our eye back in January. This time, they’re circulating stirrers with mustaches at the top, so you can give yourself a small Poirot-style ‘stache or give a bit of hair to your favorite magazine fodder.

We’re glad to see anything that brings more mustaches into the world, but this has more behind it than you might think.

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Grate Shoes, Great Retail & Bar Refaeli


Raising The Bar: Bar Refaeli taps Tommy Hilfiger to launch a new television project. Funny, we can’t even notice him in half the photos. [InStyle]

The High Low: Our pal Mordechai Rubinstein finds one of NYC’s most tred-upon icons resting gently on the toe of luxury. [Men’s Vogue]

Draper’s Exclusive Club: As if we need another excuse to plug Mad Men, the crazy cats at Canadian Club (a fellow publication astutely points out this Don Draper fave) ring in their 150th birthday with a special vintage. [Men.Style]

Rogue Agent: The saga continues with an expanded collection, retails space and inspiration for Maine’s main men’s attraction, Rogues Gallery [Time]

Your Father’s Whiskey

Canadian Club


Liquors have been touting their history for a long time (since 1847, in fact), but it’s rare to come across an ad that makes the past look like so much fun. In this print spot, Canadian Club—or, more accurately, Chicago’s Energy BBDO agency—points us to a bygone era of thin black ties, hair wax, and formal dinner attire. The tag says “June ’65,” and the gentleman in the swim trunks is sporting some decidedly counter-cultural shagginess, but otherwise the look is Goldwater-chic.

Except, perhaps, for that pair of legs on the right.