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The Official Coat of Antarctica

Antarctic Parka

It’s very cold in Antarctica. At McMurdo Station, it can reach as low as -60 degrees, with 30-degree wind chill and dust-dry snow blowing from every direction. So when the US Antarctic Program sends some poor soul out there, they send them with one of the warmest coats money can buy—a synthetic monster known around the station as Big Red.

And as gentlemen with an abiding interest in warm coats and extreme temperatures, we felt honor-bound to track down exactly where they get them...

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The Kempt Guide to the Winter Coat

via Mighty Sword

You can take or leave most of the style advice we dole out. As cool as they are, you don’t need a checked blazer. You don’t need an advice-giving pen. But if you’re living anywhere that sees snow on a regular basis, you’re going to need a winter coat—and you’re going to be living with whichever one you choose for quite a while.

So choose wisely.

And to help you survey the territory, we’ve broken the world’s winter coats into three easy categories and singled out the best items in each one—starting with the most classic item in the bunch, the overcoat...

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