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Introducing the Ass-Cam


It’s a hard truth of shopping: no matter how many mirrors you use or how much you twist, it’s hard to get an accurate appraisal of your own backside in a fitting room. And since that’s basically what we want from a pair of jeans, it’s a pretty big problem.

Fortunately, we’ve got technology on our side.

LA’s American Rag just unveiled an earth-shaking breakthrough in fitting room technology at their World Denim Bar. It’s called the asscam—a closed-circuit (closed!) camera providing you with a live feed of your own posterior. It’s currently up in two of their fitting rooms. It’s just one shop in the country, of course, but we can’t help thinking this is an idea with legs.

Of course, there may be some things you’d rather not see.

Butts in the Military


We try not to write too much about politics, the military or women’s pants, but there’s a change coming to our armed forces and we can no longer remain silent. We’re talking, of course, about the military’s respect for large posteriors. And we’re pleased to say, that respect is growing.

The U.S. Army is currently testing a new women’s combat uniform with specific alterations for the female form. In particular, “more material... to accommodate the buttocks,” in the words of one designer. In short, it’s a victory of the indomitable female form over the baggy, shapeless military bureaucracy. And at the risk of sounding partisan, we’ll say this victory’s overdue.

God bless America.