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The Contrast Button


We’ll say this for summer: there’s always plenty of flair going around.

In particular, we’re seeing a lot of blazers and suits that have traded the usual buttons for something a bit more conspicuous. Most of them are coming from Italy (the one at left is from Bolglioli), but that’s just where the designers are into it. If you’re trying it yourself, it’ll work as well on a Brooks Brothers blazer as anything you might find on Yoox.

The classic combination is white mother-of-pearl buttons on a navy blazer (like this), but the only real guide is what looks good. It’s the semi-formal version of our shoelace experiment. The only difference is, you’ve got a lot more texture to work with—anything from wood to metal to opalescent synthetics.

And as always, we encourage tackling this yourself. You can test out colors by laying the buttons on the jacket, and an even dozen should be enough for the whole business. We’d be shocked if it costs you more than you spent on lunch—assuming you’re handy with a needle and thread.

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The Death of the Button


Prepare your eulogies. The button is not long for this world.

TechCruncher and professional prognosticator MG Seigler just rounded up a few recent Apple and Microsoft advances and came to one solid conclusion about the future: it involves a lot of touchscreen-tapping. Keyboards and remotes are being replaced by tablets and smartphones, and the first casualties will be the strangely pleasing mash of buttons that’s sitting in front of you right now. We’ll miss it—hey, we still have a typewriter somewhere—but we’re not about to stand in the way of progress.

Just savor every keystroke.

Pushing Buttons


The henley can be tough to pull off without a touch of skeeve creeping in, but as usual, it’s all in the details.

Most henleys tend to be perilously close to pajamas, but with a little heavier fabric and a few superfluous buttons running up the neck, this one's slowly becoming our favorite collarless item of the day.

The shirt in question comes from the British firm Junk de Luxe, which specializes in precisely-cut slacker garb—which is a pretty fair description of henleys in general, now that we think about it.


Speaking of male accessories, we’d like to point out one of our favorite benefits of wider lapels: space for a few adornments.

This gentleman from Seoul has the right idea, pinning an interesting trinket onto both lapels. Of course, the trad in us prefers the old Victorian buttonhole carnation—a trademark of British gents from Evelyn Waugh to John Steed—but we understand you’d prefer a more modern approach.

Just try not to poke too many holes in your jacket.

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