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The Mustaches of Power, Part Two


The gentleman above is Chase Carey, first in line to be CEO of NewsCorp if Mr. Murdoch steps down. And by the looks of it, he's no stranger to mustache wax.

He’s also the latest specimen in our old friend the Power Mustache, also seen on Hawaiian detectives, fixed-gear aficionados and the heads of international banking institutions. If anyone less powerful attempted this mustache, they would be laughed out of the boardroom. Instead, he wears it as a bristly badge of honor. Godspeed, sir.

The Icon: Ted Turner


There weren’t always moguls. Once upon a time, there were only businessmen (who wore suits) and a long line of ambitious strivers trying to become businessmen. If anyone was going to shake things up, sartorially speaking, it was going to have to come from the top. So we thought we’d take a moment to honor one of the men who made it happen, as one of a seemingly never-ending string of bizarre accomplishments.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Ted Turner…»

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