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Fall Report: Crowdfunding Menswear

  • Kempt Staff

b52fcb5ecfdd7bfd1da8b9ff6fdfb9f7_largeFall is so close, we can taste it (very spiced-cider-y this year). So, in anticipation of the monumental shift in your wardrobe, leisure activities and general state-of-mind, we’re dedicating this week to preparing you for all of your upcoming autumnal endeavors...

If you haven’t heard, menswear is a boomtown right now, and the real movers and shakers are building their brands from the ground up on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Herewith, this season’s brightest crowdfunding stars: »

The Lost Art of the Business Card

The startup era has uprooted a lot of genteel business customs. There was the firm handshake, the gray flannel suit, the quaint courtesy of eye contact—and now, it looks like the business card is coming into the crosshairs.

This Chicago Tribune piece lays it out in detail, but the gist is simple: after email signatures, you don’t need them, so fewer and fewer people are bothering to print them up at all.

But we’d like to offer a word of warning to anyone thinking of going paperless: when you give up your stack of cards, you’re giving up something much more precious than paper. You’re giving up control...

The lost art of the business card, when practiced properly»

Dusting Off: The Hobby


As connoisseurs of history, we sometimes find styles, habits and turns of phrase from the past that we wouldn’t mind bringing back to the present, Doc Brown-style. This time around, we’re dusting off the hobby.

You can’t be amazing at everything.

You tried, sure, but part of moving into the adult world means leaving behind some skills to focus on a single area of expertise—ideally, one related to gainful employment. All the other stuff becomes more personal and less intense, with lower stakes and smaller rewards. In short, a hobby.

Or at least that’s how it used to work.

But something’s gone wrong…»

Going Vertical


The chaps at Monocle are in the news again for launching both a Hong Kong bureau and a program on the BBC World News channel—a pair that would overjoy J-school purists, if it didn’t come attached to a magazine that’s looking more like a boutique every day. For those keeping score, Newsweek doesn’t have either.

The line so far is that they funded the new bureau with tote bag sales. Of course, all their revenue goes to the same place, so you might as well say they funded it with blackberry sales, retail money or (gasp!) good old advertising. It’s sort of true, but more than a little unfair.

Still, we’re going to call Good Idea on this one.

Here’s why»

Think Big


If this polo shirt looks familiar, it should. You’ve probably seen the American Apparel version on at least a dozen skinny hipsters by now…you just haven’t seen it in this size.

Don't look for it in stores, though. This one comes from Colossal Clothing, a new brand that deals in American Apparel styles and fabrics recut for less emaciated frames. Every tron jacket and henley is still made in Dov’s own factories, but the cuts are brand new and the shape is unlike anything you'll see on a billboard.

The story behind Colossal Clothing»

Counting Down


Print may be in bad shape, but the listicle is perfectly suited for the internet age. No matter how thorough the research is, there’s always a few bones to be picked…

For instance, we were impressed by the dent fashion folk made in Crain’s latest “Top 40 Under 40” list—including the Mme. Obama-approved Jason Wu and Steven Alan’s new chief executive Ed Rosenfeld—but what happened to the menswear crowd?

Naturally, we have a few suggestions»

On the Phone


Blackberry’s touchscreen model (the poorly named Blackberry Storm) is finally out and, while we knew they were aiming for the boring-businessman demographic, we have to say, it’s a lot less remarkable than we thought.

We understand the appeal of stripped-down utilitarianism as much as anyone, but once you’re throwing in a camera and media player, there’s no good reason not to have a Pandora application and a bubbly generative music program. And, you know, a map or two.

Testino on the Line, Canceled Flights, and Voting Labor


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