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The Weekend Sales Report Card

  • Kempt Staff

to-you_blast1.094432We’ve filtered through all of the online sale noise and graded your best options out there, should you feel inclined to do any menswear browsing this weekend...

For the Red Stuff: Shipley & Halmos is having a little fun this weekend by knocking 10% off every item with red in it. Discount: B Sizes Available: B+ Selection: A

For the Southern Dandy: Sid Mashburn has gone into full summer sale mode with 50% off a handsome lot of blazers, shorts and other assorted Southern dapperness. Discount: A+ Sizes Available: A Selection: A+

For the Neo-Americana: Bench & Loom has taken the final markdowns to a low, low 70% off. Discount: A Sizes Available: B Selection: B

More of the good stuff on sale from favorites like Burkman Bros, Carson Street Clothiers and others, after the jump.»

The March Issues

It’s been a wild month.

Kate Upton had her Esquire cover debut (sort of), Tebowmania got its close-up, and Details... continued to be Details. In short, a lot of madness. We’ve pieced through it all below, article by article and suit by suit, and come away with this, an unusually pithy executive summary.

Here’s everything you need to know from March’s crop of magazines»

Karolina Cwiek Is Not Sure Why You’re Wearing That Bow Tie

Plugged and Unplugged: Gadget writer Brian Lam asks whether technology is making us happier, and offers a pretty good argument for the three-hour break. [The Wirecutter]

The Nolt Abides: Nick Nolte talks shit on Schwarzenegger, wears a fedora and explains why horses are always so jumpy. [Vulture]

Just Keep Livin’: An ode to the ’70s haze of Dazed and Confused. [A.V. Club]

The Great Outdoors: Burkman Brothers’ new illustrated lookbook features a few Polynesian fabrics and a lot of Hawaiian beach. [Selectism]

The World of Ikat

Ikat dyes have been making a comeback lately—thanks to Burkman Bros.’ various globe-trotting shirts—but we’ve found the most inconspicuous incarnation yet: a necktie. The tie comes via Gitman Bros., straying from their usual Plaid America stomping grounds. It’s not easy to pull off by any means, but if you’re in need of a challenge, this is the best one we’ve seen this season.

The Details of Fall/Winter

As we transition into fall, you may notice a few new fabrics appearing on the shelves—wool replacing cotton, tweed replacing linen and so on. It’s the most important part of the seasonal shift, and the most often overlooked. To show you what we mean, we’ve pulled together detail shots of some of our favorite gear of the season—so you can see the best fall fabrics up close.

Take a closer look at this season’s gear...»

The Globe-Trotting Storefront

The gentlemen at Burkman Brothers launched their e-commerce site this morning, with a healthy mix of staples and the exotic explorer gear they made their name on.

In the former category, we’ve got our eye on that shawl-collared sweatshirt—already one of our favorite items for blustery Sundays. This one brings in a more textured fleece for better breathability and a more unconventional feel, but it’s every bit as cozy as the reigning champ version.

And if you happened to be in the market for a pair of yellow rope sandals

Europe, On Sale

Prada Shoe

Farfetch isn’t as well known in the States, but it’s a great resource for anyone who gets a thrill from browsing through boutiques. (We’ll go ahead and assume that’s you.) They’re an e-commerce hub for a whole cohort of European and British shops, which means you end up sorting through thousands of designers at once. And when they go on sale, they really go on sale.

Now is one of those times.

Here’s our tour of the goods, including Prada wingtips, swim trunks and Brunello Cucinelli»

The Return of the Friendship Bracelet


The Burkman Brothers have been edging towards a summer camp aesthetic for a while now, but they’ve finally made it official with the ne plus ultra of sleepaway style: the friendship bracelet. This was spotted at New York’s Odin, with the lanyards going for $20 a pop. (You may have seen them attacked to the tags before, but this is the first time they’ve been sold on their own.) It’s a pretty good call, as accessories go—the kind of thing we’re used to seeing on Joshua Kissi to great effect. If you’re willing to dig through your attic, you might even have a few vintage models kicking around.

The Polo of Summer


The Burkman Brothers have always had a knack for summer gear, even without their trademark madras. Their 2011 crop just arrived at Barneys, including this near-perfect polo.

It’s a throwback item, patterned to look like something you might have worn to summer camp in the 80s. You can find a preppier take from Michael Bastian and a more nostalgic one from Band of Outsiders, but this might be our favorite. We’re not sure if it’s the shrunken collar or the high placket, but the whole thing comes off a good deal more grown-up than its predecessors. And since it's going to be one of the more youthful items in your closet, that’s pretty good news.

The Latest in Uzbek Style


Here’s another one for your post-plaid arsenal: a little trick called Ikat.

This cotton button-up from Burkman Brothers just arrived at Odin bearing a new far-flung fabric trick. Ikat is a pre-loom dyeing process you don’t find much in the states anymore, but it’s used in traditional weaves from Bolivia to Uzbekistan. The result is one of the more interesting patterns in stores, just exotic enough to keep your wardrobe cosmopolitan.

We knew all that world-traveling would pay off at some point.

Brotherly Love


We just caught a peek at Burkman Brothers' new Spring/Summer 2010 line, and we like what we see from our favorite Bali/Ivy League/resortwear-loving brothers. Namely, great new shorts, their debut tie collection, and a welcome riff on the linen shirt, along with the same old madras.

The new: a new set of patterned shirts (as seen on the gentleman to the left) along with their first collection of linen shirts (a staple for most sandy vacations and a nice compliment to all that madras) and their first stab at neckwear (which land somewhere between Ward Cleaver and Rudyard Kipling—not a bad combination, if you ask us).

They’ve also cut their shorts a little trimmer and introduced a jersey-lined yellow pair that we’re eagerly anticipating hitting Barney’s in January. And since this is still Burkman Brothers, there are more exclusive plaids sourced from the brothers’ latest trip to India, more great details from Doug and Ben and more random name tags sewn in summer camp-style.

All we need is a mai tai...

See the new gear from Burkman Brothers»