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Kendal Schuler Has Fashioned a Hair-Visor

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Leather Lather: Valet’s school of leather continues with a course on cleaning, conditioning and waterproofing your prized cowhide. [Valet]

Before They Got Big: Hipsters have finally arrived in China; they’re calling them wenqing. (Now you can say you knew about them before everyone else.) [The Atlantic]

What’s Beef: Everything you ever wanted to know about the mythical burger chain out west, In-N-Out Burger. [Gear Patrol]

Don’t Rain on My Parade: Recapping the oddities of yesterday’s aptly timed SF Giants World Series Parade. [Grantland]

Kempt’s Super Bowl Party Menu

The Super Bowl party is a marquee culinary event.

The menu requires a bold imagination and a month of preparation. Sure, you could go with chips, salsa and chicken wings. And, you know, hummus. Again. Or you could make a statement and serve up something as big and powerful as America.

Enter the 3-foot-tall, 319-pound, 540,00-calorie Absolutely Ridiculous Burger, now available for mail order from Mallie’s Sports Bar in Southgate, Michigan. You’ll need a forklift and $2,000 plus shipping, but, as owner/chef Steve Mallie points out, it’ll be more than enough food. “If you figure the average hamburger is a half-pound, going by that ratio you could serve, you know, 700 people.”

Go ahead and cut this one in half.

Myf Sheppard is Sparrowed

Rest Easy, Sockless Gentlemen: The sockless, white-panted Picasso thief is now officially in custody—which means you can resume your sockless ways without fear of legal reprisal. [Atlantic Wire]

Glamour (Not the Magazine): The only picture of John Lennon hanging out with Mick Jagger that you’ll ever need. [Driven]

Whither the Beef: Dean Martin’s burger recipe. It involves bourbon, but not in the way you think. [TwitPic]

Ms. Dawson, We Presume: Rosario Dawson is a pretty cool lady, it turns out. [Mother Jones]

The Semi-Nude Slag Heap Fitness Program

Vintage Shirts and Pornography: Theophilus London’s 10 Essentials include them both. A man after our own heart. [GQ]

Pulling the Wool: An indepth explanation of what the 100 in Super 100 means. The short version: it’s woven from lighter, finer threads. Now you know. [Put This On]

The Man Behind the Knife: A chat with the chef at Le Pigeon in Portland, Oregon. Apparently he’s an In-N-Out Burger fan. [The Moment]

On Repeat: A streaming version of the new Buddy Holly cover album, including Lou Reed’s “Peggy Sue.” Great stuff. [NPR]

Find Out Who Your Friends Are


Burger King has been pretty clever about advertising, but their latest stunt might be the best corporate use of social media we’ve ever seen. The bad news? You’re about to have a hard decision to make.

Instead of making the usual passive app, Burger King is declaring all-out war on Facebook, offering a free whopper in exchange for de-friending ten of your least favorite online acquaintances. You’ll get a coupon, they’ll get an impolite note, and they’ll probably never speak to you again.

The brilliant move here is that Burger King isn’t playing nice: they’re asking you to become less engaged with the online community they’re using to promote themselves. Naturally, Facebook is big enough that they aren’t particularly worried—but if this kind of app gets more popular, maybe they should be.

Death by Griddle


Drug-fueled burnout has become a rock star cliché, but the original rock star’s burnout had more to do with chitlins than cocaine.

That’s the subject of James Marsh’s *The Burger and the King*, a doc about Elvis’ ultimately fatal obsession with the beef patty’s siren song.

From his impoverished, burgerless childhood to his fatback-fueled rise to fame, documentarian James Marsh covers the full span of the King’s development through food, complete with fat and calorie content.

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