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Ana vs. Shia, Dude Pants, and Bureau Shuts its Doors


International Trade Imbalance: Italian GQ gets Ana Beatriz Barros and we get frigging Shia LaBeouf. There is no justice in this world. [Horny Oyster]

One Leg at a Time: There was a time in history when a simple pair of pants could make any guy into a full-fledged "dude". [Animal]

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The Class of 2008: The Westminster Graduate show displays the deft designers and crazy creators of tomorrow. [Brandish]

Well That Was Fast: Just as we were getting into Bureau, they slam the doors in our face. Seriously, we'll miss you guys. [DNRNews]

You Don't Look a Day Over 95: An enlightening tour of the Converse Century. [Hypebeast]

In the Mood for Bureau


A lot of designers have been inspired by early 60s chic, but it’s rare to see one merge nostalgia with a fresh take on menswear staples.

We recently took a look at the Fall ’08 line from recent Bloomingdale’s recruit Bureau, and it’s more forward-looking than you’d think at first glance. This isn’t the 1962 of Thom Browne, it’s more like 1962 of Wong Kar Wai, with one-button suits meshing with bizarre sweater piping for an otherworldly feel. The suits are appropriately slim, but distinctive touches like the high peak lapels keep it from getting lost in the crowd.

The fall designs will hit stores in August.