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Nadine Ponce Is Wearing a Canadian Shorts-Suit

  • Kempt Staff

Shoot for the Stars: Thanks to new advancements in cosmic cartography, you can watch the entire universe unfold in under two minutes. (It’s becoming our new screensaver.) [The Atlantic]

Cool Cat:The story of one man’s journey to stay sweat-free while still dressing in a socially acceptable manner—and the gadgets he’s found along the way. [NY Times]

Golds Are Great, But...: An impassioned cry to bring back America’s former glory as number one in everything, especially Guinness Book records. [McSweeney’s]

Bugatti Boy: Designer Duncan Quinn tells the tale of his high-speed weekend behind the wheel of a Bugatti Veyron in the supercar fever dream known as the goldRush Rally. [Driven]

Blake Lively is Secretly Wearing Headphones

Blake Lively

Rich Pretty: Molly Lambert investigates the appeal of Blake Lively. The verdict, presented without comment: “More naked pictures might not hurt.” [Grantland]

Bugging Out: The life and cars of Jean Bugatti. [Driven]

Isn’t It a Pitti: A non-menswear nerd provides perspective on Pitti Uomo. “Just look at my pocket square. See? It’s actually a carnitas stain.” [How to Talk to Girls at Parties]

Standing Up: A Louis C.K. interview with more from his seemingly bottomless well of sad-sack wisdom. [Pitchfork]

Barbara Bouchet is Fern-Friendly

barbarabouchet_crop.jpgvia WBE

Knit-Picking: Monocle scores again, with a set of Bolivian-knit sweaters. [Limited Hype]

I Have the Power: America finally gets its own ridiculous supercar—the SSC Ultimate Aero II—to compete with the Bugattis of the world. We are available for test drives. [Jalopnik]

Jenny from the Block: Jenny Lewis records a new album, sits in the backseat of a car wearing shorts. [Vanity Fair]

Convalescin’ in the Mine!: The first day after a long weekend is always a drag, but think of it this way: at least you aren’t convalescing from an asthma attack in an eerie Ukranian salt mine. [Raw File]

On Deco


Now that car shapes are tending towards a single aerodynamic ideal, it’s nice to see a wacky concept car with no hope of ever reaching the assembly line. This one, called the Type 57 Atlantic, comes from Bugatti, which seems to be showing a fondness for Art Deco curves lately.

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Gilded Guys, Housework and The Perils of Global Economics


The Craftsman: Interview with Gilded Age designer Stefan Mijanic. [The Discerning Brute]

Go West Young Man: Steven Alan lands in the City of Angels. [Refinery29]

News To You: Seems someone won that "Project Runway" show last night. Yeah, we don't care either.

Handy Man: A little more work around the house might get you a little more play around the bed. [AP]

Smooth Ride: Hermès unveils a signature edition of the already posh Bugatti Veyron. This will go great with our helicopter. [Men.Style]

Wedding Bells for Everyone: Nicolas Sarkozy married Carla Bruni. Now his ex, Cecilia, will marry her new paramour. Don't you just love happy endings? [Reuters]

Exchange Rate: The falling dollar is doing no favors for your closet. [Houston Chronicle]