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The Docks, Part Two


If last week’s appreciation of On the Waterfront left you jonesing for a jacket like the one Brando sports in the film, you’re in luck.

L. L. Bean’s signature line just worked their way around to Fall/Winter 2010, and they’re offering a pretty good replica, based on a coat that first emerged in their 1965 fall catalog, a little more than a decade after the film. It’s not the most on-trend thing you could buy, but it makes a pretty good case for being timeless.

American Gothic


We draw from a lot of sartorial wells, but it’s easy to lose touch and, if we’re really honest, it’s been a while since most urbanites saw buffalo check in its natural habitat.

If you were wondering, this is what it looks like. (And yes, that’s a Kalashnikov she’s carrying.)

Rogues Gallery pointed us to these local Maine characters. The woman is Carolyn Chute, an occasional militia leader who has just written a novel about “living off the grid in rural polygamist Maine.” Her well-bearded husband is an illiterate gravedigger.

Welcome to New England.