The Princess and The Peacoat: Amanda Brooks has a
thing for men in uniform. [ href="">Men's

Okay, Who Farted?: Gucci and Louis Vuitton unveiled
diamond-encrusted, WMD-proof gas-masks at the Bucharest Luxury fair
because, really, who wants to survive a ricin attack in just any old
thing? [Complex]

So? New?: R29 introduces us to our new neighbors. [ href="">Refinery29]

Spin Cycle: Damien Hirst shows no mercy to Levis
Jeans. And you thought href="">that
cow had it bad. [ href="">Gawker]

Long May it Rain: Barbour employees worldwide will
enjoy tea and cake tomorrow at 4pm to celebrate the waxed-cotton
giant’s centenary – and nothing could be more just and perfect. [ href="">Vogue

Deal Alert: Again, Racked comes through with discounts on href="">Original
Penguin. [ href="">Racked]

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