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A Touch of Gray


The leather-on-suede-on-leather brogue is a classic, but that’s not to say it couldn’t benefit from a little refreshment.

This industrial gray version comes from London’s b store, a boutique label that’s caught our eye a few times before. Naturally, if you need something to wear with your three-piece, we’d stick with the traditional brown-on-brown. But if you’re trying to class up a pair of semi-faded jeans, these might be just the thing.

That is, if you don’t mind doing a little math to figure out your British shoe size.

What’s In Store


Our favorite thing about B store is usually the small, rounded collars that always seem like the seedlings of a full-blown trend—something you might see in the window of Banana Republic ten years from now. But they may have learned a few new tricks.

Their latest line debuted this week at London Fashion Week, and it’s boasting a lot more than collars. From gun-holster-esque suspenders, dark-wash denim shirts and a pleasant reliance on cerulean blue, these Britons are finally coming into their own.

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Minding the Store


We’ve had our eye on b store ever since this summer’s capsule show (and since we found our favorite trench coat), so we’re happy that their Spring ’09 line is finally captured on film.

Apparently they’re bigger fans of gingham than we thought (although everyone loves a picnic) and their collars are only getting smaller, which should be interesting down the road. Our only complaint here is the gladiator-style footwear featured in all four pictures. It was bad enough when this invaded the women’s runways; surely we can keep it off manlier feet.

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In the Trenches


The pea coat has been the formal overcoat of choice for quite some time now. It might be time to give the trench coat another try. Of course, it helps if it’s in black wool instead of Bogart’s usual canvas-colored gabardine.

This one comes from our old Brit friends at b store with a stripped down look, a slim silhouette, and a comfortably bathrobe-like belt. East Coasters might want to sit on it until spring, but it should be a welcome addition by then.

And knowing London, we bet it does pretty well against the rain.

B for Effort


One of the highlights of the capsule show was a British marque called “b”. (The store is b Store, the in-house line is b Clothing, shoes are b Footwear, and so on.) They’ve been one of the highlights of the London scene since they opened in 2000, but they’re only building up a stateside presence now. Their website has a few highlights—including a few bathrobe-esque takes on the waistcoat—but their merch at capsule was a cut above.

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