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The New Yorker Archive’s Five Best Style Reads

  • Kempt Staff


We mentioned this a couple weeks ago when it happened, but we finally had some time to really dig deep into the newly unveiled New Yorker Archive recently and found a handful of stylish reads.

From Capote profiling Brando in 1957 to a 2010 visit to the Prince of Solomeo, otherwise known as Brunello Cucinelli, here are the five handsomest long-reads from the New Yorker Archive...»

The Six Ball Caps to Consider

  • Kempt Staff


The days when only the ballplayers wore caps are long gone.

Which is not entirely a bad thing. Now that the sun has returned, you’ll want something with a brim within arm’s reach—and your least fussy option is a ball cap. And luckily, these days there are plenty of menswear-leaning options out there—beyond the old team logo—fashioned from seersucker, Italian cotton and more summer-friendly materials.

Here are the six ball caps to consider this season...»

Stat Sheet: Brunello Cucinelli College Bomber

Brunello Header

That chill in the air: it’s... actually, nonexistent.

But it’ll arrive eventually. And when it does, you’ll notice all manner of dapper jacketry making its way onto the racks at a purveyor near you, like this wool-and-goose-down bomber by Brunello Cucinelli. It’s part of his newly available fall collection, and we wish you luck finding a more handsome way to fend off the breeze this coming season.

Here’s what else you need to know.

The Story: Bomber jackets have been around since, well, they were worn by people who actually dropped bombs while sporting them during WWI. Think Top Gun, but in black-and-white and minus those preposterous patches.

Who to Channel: A young fighter pilot who enjoys a bit of sport hunting or other riflery in his spare time; Michael Fassbender preparing for a joyride on his two-wheeled steed.

When to Wear It: Anytime between now and spring training 2014.

Degree of Difficulty: Easy. Whatever you’ve got underneath, this bomber’ll cover it with a heaping measure of swagger. Not that you didn’t have some of your own already.

And now, a moment of inspiration:»

Fall Report: Colors, Materials, Patterns

  • Kempt Staff

BG-4KPB_mzFall is so close, we can taste it (very spiced-cider-y this year). So, in anticipation of the monumental shift in your wardrobe, leisure activities and general state-of-mind, we’re dedicating this week to preparing you for all of your upcoming autumnal endeavors...

We continue our coverage with a look ahead to the colors, materials and patterns you can expect to see on the racks (and in your closet).»

Your Pitti Uomo Primer: From A to Z

  • Kempt Staff


The international menswear cognoscenti are descending upon Florence as we speak, for the 84th installment of Pitti Immagine Uomo.

And as any well-read menswear enthusiast will tell you, it pays to know what exactly all the fuss is about (especially if you find yourself flipping through Tumblr or in a heated debate with your tailor in the next few days). So with that in mind, we’ve prepared an A-to-Z primer of talking points and trivia that should get you through the semi-annual spectacle of peacockery.

Herewith, the ABCs of Pitti Uomo.»

Looking into the Handsome Future

  • Najib Benouar

This tableau of dapperness comes from the first look at #menswear darling (more on that after the link) Brunello Cucinelli’s fall collection. Here, three tuxedoed men seem to have found themselves standing on the edge of the earth, staring out into the bright future. It’s hard to tell whether they like what they see, but we definitely do—Cucinelli strikes again. Check out the rest over at Die, Workwear!


Maisa Faverovia YHBTI

Against the Mandal: Kurt Soller offers the espadrille as both a suggestion and a desperate plea that you not wear sandals. [Esquire]

Brunello Speaks: Simon Crompton talks with Brunello Cucinelli about the latter’s abiding love for soft, neutral colors. [Permanent Style]

Looking Good, Ariel: Some great shots from Justin Bridges. [Complex]

Massimo Overdrive: The new MP by Massimo Piombo is looking pretty sharp, guys. Heads up. [A Continuous Lean]

The Summer DB

This handsome cotton jacket just came down the transom from Drake’s, offering a pretty good primer on what double-breasted style looks like in warmer months. Our favorite touch: the strong navy blue in the tie and pocket square, all the more important set against the wide swaths of khaki.

The bad news is, this one will only be available at the Clifford Street shop in London, so most of you will probably have to seek double-breasted solace elsewhere. We’d suggest Cucinelli for the well-heeled and a custom tailor for everyone else. (You may even want to show them this picture.) And remember, keep the shoulders in proportion.

Brunello Cucinelli Cashes In

Brunello Cucinelli

Zuckerberg gets all the attention, but the menswear scene just birthed its very own IPO. And Brunello Cucinelli is about to get even bigger.

This week, Cucinelli started the process of listing his brand on the Italian stock exchange. The result is that by May or June, a third of the company could go onto the open market, bringing roughly $175 million into the Cucinelli family coffers. It’s the first fortune made by the recent boom in Italian menswear, which has led the company to 50% growth in the past few years.

It also means the end of Cucinelli’s status as an entirely family-owned company—one step closer to the Pradas and Guccis of the world—but by our lights, Brunello’s earned a little payday. Hopefully he’ll use it to buy a few new castles.

Gracie Carvalho is Unmaking the Bed

Gracie Carvalhovia WBE

Popping Up Again: More Pop Up Flea goodness, this time coming as an interview with Michael Williams. We can neither confirm nor deny the presence of an indoor ski slope. [Valet]

Behind the Thread: Brunello Cucinelli talks about the secret to building a cashmere empire. [WSJ]

The Actors Speak: A round-table of well-awarded actors, talking shop—including some reminiscence from George Clooney on his days working in the tobacco fields of Kentucky. [The Hollywood Reporter]

So Many Scarves, It’s Crazy: Pictures from the opening of Chicago’s Haberdash. Would that we were there. [You Have Broken the Internet]

The Rules of the Checked Blazer

One of the perks of the Italian Invasion has been a serious uptick in adventurous blazers. Like raw denim before it, an odd jacket can be a great way to dress up without looking like you’re trying to impress the boss—which should make it one of the more versatile items in your closet. But as with any patterned piece, it can be dangerous territory if you don’t know your way around.

So to help you get the most out of your next odd jacket, we’ve put together a quick roadmap of what’s great and what’s risky. It’s simpler than you think…

Allow us to explain»