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Dorothea Jorgensen is Unbrushed

Roll Another Number for the Road: Will Leitch drops some remarkably unsentimental thoughts about fathers, hometowns, and drinking while driving. [Good Men Project]

Tie One On: Bruce Pask finally comes around on the neckerchief. Our work here is done. [The Moment]

The Hustler: The world called out for a pool-playing robot. Finally, their prayers have been answered. [Gizmodo]

The Internet is Terrible: B. J. Novak riffs on the internet at the Webbies. /b/ is going to have something to say about this… [Gawker]

Ms. Lively, Mr. McGoohan, and the Japanese


In Vogue: Blake Lively makes the magazine rounds, but it’s still not enough to get us to watch Gossip Girl. [Vogue]

Not a Number: Zack Handlen weighs in with the definitive Patrick McGoohan appreciation. [A.V. Club]

Rosie the Riveting: The female mechanics calendar is fascinating in ways we cannot fully describe. [BoingBoing]

Mecha Mecha: Japanese style comes into its own. Our theory? It’s all the robots. [The Moment]

Gurkhas, Incarceration and Ad Sales


War Pants: Bruce Pask ponders the colonial charm of Gurkha pants. For the sake of our knees, we really hope this doesn’t catch on. [The Moment]

Blog on Blog Crime: Kanye gets arrested for another paparazzi altercation. When will they learn to live in peace? [Vulture]

Together at Last: Paisley and Tweed: Two great tastes that taste great together. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

Who Watches the Trendwatchers?: Fashion mags feel the pinch in ad sales. We still blame crocs. [WWD]

Into Bondage


Apparently The Moment has bondage on the brain.

After the recent round of Milan shows, the style blog of the internet’s favorite punching bag decided to declare a microtrend of shoes with rubber straps around them, “as if that’s all that may be holding the two pieces together.” That’s all very well and good, but why, may we ask, does this qualify as bondage-inspired? Do these Louis Vuitton wingtips remind anyone else of quality time in a dungeon with Helga? Pilates-inspired might be a little closer.

We’d guess Mr. Pask is thinking about something other than shoes.