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All-Star Style, Jordan’s Birthday and Poppy Delevigne

  • Kempt Staff


Shooter’s Touch: Kevin Durant played guest style correspondent for GQ during the weekend's NBA All-Star festivities—and ranked the most stylish players in attendance.

Rarefied Airness: On the occasion of Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday, Devour counts down the Great One’s top 50 plays.

Kid Stays in the Picture: Bruce Weber has your Oscars primer with a look back at his Hollywood portfolio.

Everybody’s Doing It: Poppy Delevigne lends a handsome hand to Rag & Bone’s DIY project.

Amanda Seyfried Is an Unorthodox Detective

One Shot at a Time: A fantastic interview with Bruce Weber, containing the following: “You have to fight for your work—everybody has to. You have to be able to get knocked down and stand back up.” Truth. [The Talks]

The Virginian Belt: Valet tracks down some handsome handcrafted belts from Ledbury. [Valet]

Drunk in the Booth: Courtesy of a recent book, Deadspin recounts an altercation between Al Michaels and a drunken Howard Cosell in the booth at the ’84 American League Championships. Amazing. [Deadspin]

It’s Baaaack: Pop Up Flea. Act like you know. [A Continuous Lean]