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Kelly Monaco Is a Double-Threat

  • Najib Benouar

Rare Bird: In honor of Brooklyn Decker’s stunning performance in Battleship, Complex rounds up the 50 most... talented... models-turned-actress. [Complex]

Poster Ploys: We all know the bold-faced movies set to screen in Cannes, but there are countless more looking for their big break. And the first step is a catchy poster. Here, Vulture gives us the “best” of the rest. [Vulture]

Don’t Forget to Wear a Flower in Your Lapel: If your idea of Memorial Day weekend fun involves vintage watches, then the Hodinkee gents would like to see you in San Francisco. [Hodinkee]

Like This: An all-encompassing infographic on today’s blockbuster Facebook IPO—minus any relevant financial advice. [Esquire]

The May Issues

  • Najib Benouar

The May issues are in and we’ve got a mixed bag on our hands.

May can be a tricky style month to predict. It puts us in the late-spring-but-it-might-already-feel-like-summer zone of weather, so it’s hard to know whether we’re going to want to see umbrellas or madrases. (GQ hedged with umbrellas). It’s safe to assume most of this stuff went to print while April showers were still raging (and Derrick Rose was still playoffs-bound), meaning everyone’s predictions were a little off. So, in the name of menswear journalism, we trod through the mid-weight blazers, the white canvas shoes (well in advance of Memorial Day), a few instances of déjà vu and an unsettlingly low amount of eye candy to bring you...

Everything you need to know from May’s crop of glossies.»

Brooklyn Decker Is Finishing Her Crunches

  • Najib Benouar

Marinet Mattheevia GQ

Remembering America's Oldest Teenager: In a sea of tributes for late great TV man Dick Clark, this montage of his tenure hosting the game show 25,000 Pyramid ranks high. [Huffington Post]

This Snozzberry Beer Tastes Like Snozzberries: In the event you'd like your beer to taste like beer--but infused with another flavor, the mad scientist-brewers at Dogfish Head have something they'd like to show you. [GearPatrol]

If You're In The Market: In his first post on Hodinkee, John Mayer (yes, the one you're thinking of) gives some solid advice to budding Rolex collectors on the five best buys under eight grand. We're impressed. [Hodinkee]

Lapo Being Lapo: Driven reports on the latest of Mr. Elkann's dapper antics: partnering with retro appliance brand Smeg to produce denim fridges. No joke. [DRIVEN]

Brooklyn Decker is a Long Way from New York


Off the Beach: Apparently Sports Illustrated has put out an issue that’s just girls in bikinis. How long has this been going on? [Sports Illustrated]

Snow Job: Anders Johnson might be the brokest MOTH we’ve ever had. Can someone get this guy a Kickstarter account? [Associated Press]

Bucking the Trend: The Cut sits down with Mark McNairy, the loveable curmudgeon of menswear, to discuss his New Amsterdam line and the subtle appeal of the double monkstrap. [The Cut]

Building Buzz: Google Buzz just launched. Basically it’s Twitter with pictures and Foursquare-style location tagging—best if you’ve got an Android phone. But if you’d rather ready a couple thousand words of windy speculation, we’ve got that too. [TechCrunch]

Grab Your Hoodie, It's A Very Athletic Wednesday


Love All: One of the few eligible bachelors with a 155 mph serve is engaged to S.I. swimsuit model, Brooklyn Decker, which is a solid excuse for us to run pictures of her. Thanks, Andy. [ESPN]

Tailgate Party: In other sporting news, this is how 24-year-old, Heisman-winning, multimillionaire starting NFL quarterback Matt Leinart rolls. How 'bout you, Brah? [Sunday Morning QB]

Local Uni-Watch: New York readers may have a chance to check out the Blue Jay's new powder-blue throwbacks today and tomorrow. Still, no one's got more baller style than this guy. [ESPN]

Swapping Spit: In the grand Gallic tradition of poor public hygiene, several Frenchmen invaded Manhattan and attempted to set a world record for kissing. Gross, right? [Fleshbot]

In The Hood: Blue-eyed, honey-blond men's fashion blogger, Amanda Brooks, finds style and substance in the lowly hoodie. [Men's Vogue]

???????????!: Moscow Fashion Week just doesn't translate to Western style - but God bless them Ruskies for trying. [YouTube]

Chinese Take Out: With its increased high-end offerings, improved manufacturing techniques (not to mention its low valuation of human sweat) China is poised to take on Italy in the luxe suit game. [WSJ]