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The Kempt Guide to the November Issues

If you haven’t checked your mailbox recently, we’ve got some good news. Another round of glossy style advice has arrived on the nation’s collective doorstep, and In fact, this month’s haul was particularly interesting because of Esquire’s latest Big Black Book—a glossy tome filled with all the intricacies of style too involved for the general subscriber base. That means dark rum, exotic leathers and all manner of Italian suiting.

Of course, it’s not all good advice—so we’re stepping in to tell you what to read, what to try and what to avoid at all costs.

Here’s everything you need to know from this month’s glossy magazines...»

Sabrina Nait Is Preparing for a Flamenco-Off

Sabrina Naitvia WBE

You Done Goofed: 50 mistakes men make getting dressed—some more legit than others. [Complex]

It’s Like a Circus Sometimes: A tour of the Brooklyn Circus shop, with Ouigi Theodore as your bearded, bandana’d guide. [The Style Blogger]

Extra-Curricular: A detailed report on a college football player’s training diet. Sounds like a pretty good menu. [Wall Street Journal]

But Some Are Just About Lollipops and Peacocks: A study finds that 92% of Billboard #1 singles are about sex. Seems like it should be higher. [Atlantic Wire]