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The Gaziano & Girling Trunk Show

Gaziano & Girling have been busy.

The Northampton shop first caught our eye as The Armoury’s favorite source for wingtips, but like most cobblers, they’re also in the market for custom jobs. Unlike most cobblers, they’re wont to get pretty adventurous, with tricks like seamless broguing, alligator leathers and what looks to be a whole new species of loafer.

When they stopped by the West Village’s Leffot yesterday, we were able to see the whole batch up close.

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Alfred Sargent’s Monkstrap Brogue

Alfred Sargent’s Monkstrap Brogue

Anyone in New York should take heed: Alfred Sargent’s going to be stopping through town on September 22nd for a trunk show at Leffot, and the goods we’ve seen are looking extremely tempting. Specifically, this half-polished longwing-monkstrap-brogue concoction known as the Benson. It’s one of the stranger shoes we’ve seen out of the tradsphere all year. Well played, Mr. Sargent.

Natalie Wood is the Original Dog Whisperer

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A Touch of Gray


The leather-on-suede-on-leather brogue is a classic, but that’s not to say it couldn’t benefit from a little refreshment.

This industrial gray version comes from London’s b store, a boutique label that’s caught our eye a few times before. Naturally, if you need something to wear with your three-piece, we’d stick with the traditional brown-on-brown. But if you’re trying to class up a pair of semi-faded jeans, these might be just the thing.

That is, if you don’t mind doing a little math to figure out your British shoe size.

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