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Beckham's Subpar Looks, Wrinkle-Free and Lookin' Good, and Some Kick-Ass Shoes


Wrinkle-Free Suits That Look Good: For real? For really real? [We Are The Market]

England's Finest: We don't know many of the names on Esquire UK's best-dressed list. We do know, however, that David Beckham is not amoung them. [IndependentUK]

Tennis Anyone?: Crocodiles kill more people in Africa than any other animal. These Lacoste's are killers too. [Hypebeast]

Greener Pastures: Like it or not, John Deere is the new hotness. [DNRNews]

Ink Blots: Your new touch-senitive tattoo will receive even more female attentions than that Tasmanian Devil piece on your bicep. [PSFK]