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Good Timing

  • Najib Benouar

Of all the great reasons to wear a watch, the most important one: telling the time.

Which is why we’ve always liked the straightforward timepieces from the Brits at Uniform Wares—who have carved themselves a nice minimalist niche in the watchosphere—and their latest series strips things down even more.

The 152 Series is everything you want in a dress watch and nothing you don’t: polished steel, black leather, weighs in at a barely there 6mm thick with a conservative 35mm diameter (the days of oversized cases are numbered). Plus, you can get a little flashier with the rose-gold version.

Oh, and it tells time.

Boxer Shorts for the Boxer-Brief Era

  • Najib Benouar

The dawning of the age of the boxer-brief basically put an end to the centuries-old underwear debate...

But we might have to reconsider after seeing this new collection of trim, lightweight cotton boxer shorts from newcomers Burtonwode—made in the UK and recently landed in British webshop Glass Boutique.

The five-panel construction is designed to stop any unwanted bunching, and the slim cut mimics the fit of the ubiquitous boxer-brief but gives you a little more breathing room (a precious commodity during this steamy time of year). There aren’t any smiley face prints, but you can opt for an all-over print of purple Einstein busts. Not to mention, they come in some handsome packaging.

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Emily Ruhl Is Angry at Her Curtains

Emily Ruhlvia The Ones To Watch

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The Camo Umbrella

Camo Umbrella

If you're still buzzed about British DPM camo after our roundup last month, here's an option that might not have occurred ot you: the umbrella.

It comes from the English brollophiles at London Undercover, with an oversized DPM pattern on the top and a warm red on the underside—presumably to make you feel warmer than you are. But mostly it's an inconspicuous way to work a challenging pattern into your routine.

And in the case of a wet snowfall, it'll be a lot more useful than cargo pants.

The Horror of Guylashes


While the British remain vigilant in their refusal to hop on the mid-20th-century orthodontia bandwagon, they appear to be way, way out in front when it comes to volumizing men’s eyelashes. Earlier this month, Eylure, a UK-based makeup company, launched a series of false lashes for men, claiming they help to “recreate that Hollywood gaze.” You won’t get any argument from us there.

It’s too early to tell whether guylashes will catch on. Though it seems they have the best chance to do so in England, where 3 million men admitted to wearing makeup regularly, according to the Daily Mail.

God save the queen.

The Designer’s Guide to Grenson

Tim Little of Grenson

One of the perks of the blogging life is that we occasionally get to sit down with brilliant designers. Now is one of those times.

The gentleman in question is Tim Little, the Creative Director at Grenson, a mastermind of broguing who happens to have a few exclusive vibram-soled items available exclusively from our friends at UrbanDaddy Perks. We sat down with Mr. Little to talk boots, heritage, and the intersection of British and American workwear.

What’s your philosophy for designing these boots?We try to take the essence of what the company is—the heritage, the history, everything we're good at—and make that relevant for today. Everything comes from a very long line of what we¹ve done over the years. We use all the same styling from the past 100 years of Grenson, but we updated it, changed the materials slightly, to bring it up to date.

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Take Cover


A shocking number of the world’s umbrellas seem to be of the ramshackle $5 variety—especially shocking since just a little bit more flair will get you one of the more handsome items in your closet. One of our favorite examples: this plaid union jack brolly from London Undercover. Their Slim Walker line is full of cheeky takes on the classic English accoutrement, including another lined with a photo close-up of a plate of fish and chips—in case you forget to think of England.

The Huntsman Within


Along with all things mulled, fall brings a bit of an outerwear conundrum: to bundle or not to bundle? Our favored solution is the vintage tweed jacket, recognized worldwide as a staple of bookish gents. And as luck would have it, we’ve found a new source for them.

It’s called Tweedman's Vintage, an online shop gathering together Harris Tweed blazers, velvet smoking jackets and skinny silk ties—in short, the best British vintage has to offer.

Based out of Cambridgeshire (naturally), the duo behind this online emporium has done a superb job of combing through charity shops and the closets of British grandfathers alike to maintain a variety of impeccably preserved woven relics. They’re the perfect transitional piece for fall—polished and, when paired with your knit of choice, just shy of winter weight.

We can neither confirm nor deny the residual scent of pipe tobacco.