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When the Paparazzi Had Grace

Brigitte Bardot and constable, Saint-Tropez, 1975

If you happen to be in Paris this month, drop by the Galerie Art District du Royal Monceau at the Royal Monceau–Raffles hotel, where you’ll find an exceptionally tasteful collection of celebrity photos from the ’60s and ’70s taken by Daniel Angeli, “father of the paparazzi.”

There’s a cerebral tone to Angeli’s shots, particularly when compared to the shit show of “gotcha” pics and videos littering newsstands and gossip sites these days. A code of sorts seems to be at play here—an invitation, rather than an interruption. Simply put, these are beautiful photographs of beautiful people in beautiful settings.

Here are a couple of our favorites...»

The 12 Original Playboys of the Jetset Sixties

The 12 Original Playboys of the Jetset Sixties

Part One of Five

When 78-year-old Gunter Sachs killed himself with a single gun shot to the head in May of this year, the world not only lost an accomplished marksman, but also a fine bobsledder, photographer, and manufacturer of ball-bearings. Of greater concern, though, was the fact that Gunter was widely considered to be the world’s last remaining “Original Playboy,” of which there were twelve. “Twelve, and no more,” Gunter said of his bronzed, international jet-setting comrades. “The golden age when an elite breed of professional pleasure seekers fascinated the world is over. We were charming and spoke languages and behaved well with women. To go with a girl to Tahiti was incredible. Now everybody goes to Tahiti.”

In short, it’s not all ball-bearings these days…»

Brigitte Bardot is Timeless


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Brigitte Bardot’s Still Got It


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They’re Gonna Put Me in the Movies


We can never see enough Hollywood and rock photography, especially when it comes from the sweet spot between the mid 60s and the mid 70s, when just about everyone was young, attractive, and wearing corduroy.

So we were glad to run across Terry O’Neill’s latest exhibition, double-posted at GQ UK and CNN. Our favorite shot is this windy snap of Brigitte Bardot, but there are plenty more of Brian Jones, an aquatic Raquel Welch, and the underrated style icon David Hemmings. Consider it your morning inspiration.

See a few of the shots»

Blue Serge Shoes

  • Jared Paul Stern


An iconic French tennis shoe worn by the likes of style heros Serge Gainsbourg and JFK is finally making its way stateside for fall.

Ironically, La Tennis Bensimon, as they call it back home, was originally inspired by American Army surplus following World War II. Made of canvas and suede with rubber soles and a hand-finished look, they have a classic, timeless quality; unsurprisingly the women's version was a fave of Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin. We like the basic navy blue cotton toile version pictured here, which comes in 10 colors and several variations.

Canvas sneaks are enjoying something of a vogue at the moment—hello Steven Alan—but we think these puppies will probably outlast the vagaries of fashion.