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Miranda Kerr Is Gonna Make A Change

  • Kempt Staff

Brolin on the River: Josh Brolin stars in Band of Outsiders’ fall campaign, shot on a Polaroid by Scott Sternberg himself. [The Daily Beast]

Lines Drawn: How a political cartoonist views an election year. (We can hear his palms rubbing from here.) [The Atlantic]

Writing’s on the Jowl: Could Shia LaBeouf’s epic transformation into the anti-movie-star have been predicted by the evolution of his facial hair? An investigative report. [Vulture]

Staying Abreast: GQ regales us with the 50 most memorable chesticles in movie history (yes, in 25 slides, math whiz). [GQ]

Charlotte Bruge Can’t Take Her Eyes Off the TV

  • Kempt Staff

When in Doubt, Wear Sunglasses, Man: A Bob Dylan style guide according to... Bob Dylan. Words to live by. [Four Pins]

Third’s a Charm: Vulture catches up with Total Recall’s original three-breasted lady (we mentioned in the August Issues) and she bares all. [Vulture]

Strong Curves: Getting personal with one of the most spectacular cars in production: the Shelby Cobra 289 FIA. [Autoblog]

And Soft Curves: Miranda Kerr celebrated her post-pregnancy rebound with a handful of tasteful body shots. (And by tasteful, we mean totally, stark naked... as a jaybird... you’ve been warned.) [Unfinished Man]

Elizabeth Banks Just Loves Mother’s Day

  • Najib Benouar

And So Does GQ: To celebrate, they’ve put together a comprehensive slideshow of mothers who’ve graced their pages. A beautiful tribute. [GQ]

To Match Your Spring Socks: On the heels of our spring “ditch the wool for cotton” sock roundup, Valet gives cardigans the same treatment. Good stuff. [Valet]

Still Learning: One man’s journey back to his prep school reunion teaches him (and us in the process) that reality and menswear’s current loud-plaids-and-green-pants vision of the look don’t exactly match up. [Esquire]

Your Mother’s Day Reading: If you’ve looked at a newsstand recently, you probably gave the exposed-left-breast-ed Time cover a double take. Here’s the story behind that. [Time]

Sign of the Times


Usually people are a bit cannier about Marie Antionette comparisons—especially when the peasants are as restless as they are now—but Karl Lagerfeld has never been one to restrain himself.

Based on the story that the classic champagne coupe was modeled off Marie Antionette’s breast, good old Karl has brought the coupe into the modern day with another impeccable glass, only this time it's modeled off of Claudia Schiffer’s bosom and suspended by three bottles of Dom Perignon. If you needed somewhere to point your pitchforks…