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Making a Case for the Minimalist Watch

  • Najib Benouar

Anyone who’s spent a fair amount of time looking for a new watch knows there’s a vast ocean of timepieces out there: sports watches, dress watches, diving watches, military watches, chronographs... the list goes on and on.

But ultimately, all you need is a trusty everyday watch that’s sleek and pared-down, works with anything you’re wearing and, most importantly, tells time. We’re calling it “the minimalist watch” and we’ve waded through them all to find the five best examples—all at reasonable prices. (Which could come in handy for any naked wrists on your gift list.)

Five minimalist watches that you, or someone you know, should be wearing right now:»

Introducing High & Tight

High & Tight

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s finally here.

No, not the iPhone 5. Starting tomorrow, you’ll be seeing something new on Kempt. It’s called High & Tight, and it's Kempt’s grooming-minded little brother, covering the vital stubble-related topics shaping our world today—with a little help from our friends at Braun.

High & Tight will be taking over the site all day tomorrow—tackling Al Gore’s failure beard and the finest mustaches in baseball, among other things—and you’ll see High & Tight posts popping up three times a week after that. You can find them on the High & Tight homepage, but also on the main page of Kempt. So keep an eye out... and as always, stay sharp.

The Minimalist


Bloggy watch tastes tend towards the rugged, but it’s not the only style in the world. And if you don’t plan on taking your next watch on a sailboat or a freeclimb any time soon, you may want to consider a more minimal option.

For instance, this one.

Braun just rereleased their 70s-era wristwatches, boasting the same pared-down design philosophy they'd bring to a toaster or a safety razor. We wouldn’t let it near a rumpled oxford—but if your wardrobe’s already full of clean lines, it’s a good way to add more.