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The 10 Commandments of Men’s Jewelry

  • Kempt Staff


Men’s jewelry has always been a topic of hot debate (but we can all agree that no one should ever call it “mewelry”).

And the menswear crowd has been slowly inching onto a slippery slope for some time now—a precarious amount of bracelets stacked upon watches and bright necklaces of African beads have become de rigueur on the edgier fringes. So, in the event you’re considering adorning yourself with a few well-placed trinkets or baubles, we’ve put together this list of steadfast rules to live by:

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The Kempt Guide to Wristwear

We’re in favor of flourishes.

So when gentlemen started adorning their wrists with colorful strings, beads and leather straps, there was a lot to like. It was spontaneous, and it was good. But with $100 lanyards flooding into boutiques, we thought it might be time to separate the inspired from the trendy.

So without further ado, our two cardinal rules concerning wristwear. Take them to heart.

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The Return of the Friendship Bracelet


The Burkman Brothers have been edging towards a summer camp aesthetic for a while now, but they’ve finally made it official with the ne plus ultra of sleepaway style: the friendship bracelet. This was spotted at New York’s Odin, with the lanyards going for $20 a pop. (You may have seen them attacked to the tags before, but this is the first time they’ve been sold on their own.) It’s a pretty good call, as accessories go—the kind of thing we’re used to seeing on Joshua Kissi to great effect. If you’re willing to dig through your attic, you might even have a few vintage models kicking around.

Going Back to Yorkshire


Our old friends at Norsea Industries have come out with a new Autumn/Winter line, and while most of it is the same North England nautical duds we gushed about before, there’s something new this time around. And it looks an awful lot like jewelry.

Well, maybe jewelry is a bit too strong—let’s stick with “accessories.” The latest goods include scarves, loose bracelets, tie and lapel pins, cufflinks, and even a watch fob or two. It’s a little different from the stripped-down denim they were moving a season ago, but it’s not so far off the mark.

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