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Boxer Shorts for the Boxer-Brief Era

  • Najib Benouar

The dawning of the age of the boxer-brief basically put an end to the centuries-old underwear debate...

But we might have to reconsider after seeing this new collection of trim, lightweight cotton boxer shorts from newcomers Burtonwode—made in the UK and recently landed in British webshop Glass Boutique.

The five-panel construction is designed to stop any unwanted bunching, and the slim cut mimics the fit of the ubiquitous boxer-brief but gives you a little more breathing room (a precious commodity during this steamy time of year). There aren’t any smiley face prints, but you can opt for an all-over print of purple Einstein busts. Not to mention, they come in some handsome packaging.

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Round Two


We might be in the boxer brief era of underwear trends at the moment, but that’s no reason a gentleman can’t get adventurous.

For instance, these mini-stripe boxers from Jake Joseph might be worth defying a few trends. They’re designed after classic dress pants, with two snap-buttons to fasten at the waistline and single-needle stitching throughout.

The fabric is what you’re used to in a summerweight dress shirt, but more importantly, you won’t find any of the blousiness or excess fabric that dogged 90s-era boxers. These are high-cropped and trim in the legs—a boxer short for a boxer-brief era.

The New World


This handy graphic is from the WSJ’s latest dispatch on the state of men’s underwear in America, and it should bring you more or less up to date on your options.

Back in the day, the hip style used to alternate generations: Bogey’s boxers gave way to Kerouac’s briefs, and so on and so on through Risky Business. A few more options might give way to a bit of anxiety, but more options are almost always better. And in the end, it’s between you and whoever’s likely to see you out of trou.

You’ll be fine as long as you stay away from the one on the right.