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Three Sartorial Affectations That Double as Halloween Costumes


Halloween can present a challenge for a well-dressed man—especially now that the “Don Draper” costume is well past its expiration date—but we’ve got a solution for you. It involves monocles…

The menswear canon has a lot of items that are both fantastic in a “deep trad” kind of way and completely ridiculous in any normal setting. This is your chance to see what you can do with them. And thanks to the pandemonium of style that will going on around you, you’ll look good pretty much no matter what.

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The Gentleman Gardeners

rodneysmith_crop.jpgvia NotCot

Providing even more evidence for the bowler revival, this Rodney Smith photo revives the figure of the gentleman gardener. We can’t see their ankles, but we’re guessing they’re wearing spats.

The Top Hat


Runway fashion is easy to mock, but it can still knock us off our feet from time to time.

For instance, the Moschino Fall 2009 collection that just took its turn in Milan. There are at least five jaw-dropping outfits, which is a higher average than most lines, but even more impressively, they make the case for the bowler hat far better than we ever could.

Maybe we’ve been a bit too 20th century with our nostalgia.

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Under the Brim


Pennsylvania’s Bollman Hat Company is celebrating their 140th anniversary with a stroll through the preferred headgear of the last 14 decades. From the fads (the fez of the 1870s and the porkpie of the 1940s) to the classics (the fedora), it’s a pretty good primer on what hats have to offer.

As you might guess, our choice is the bowler, conveniently situated in the 1890s. It may not keep your ears warm or your eyes shaded, but a little sun never hurt anyone.


We’ve known about Guy Ritchie’s upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie, but the fine ladies at Jezebel were kind enough to draw our attention to this picture of the leading man (the inestimable Robert Downey Jr.) in full costume.

Unfortunately they were more interested in his coffee cup than his ascot, but we’ll call this one a victory without seeing another frame. Between the striped waistcoat—which has a touch of Mr. Smith about it—and the finely checkered pants, we’re ready to declare Dr. Holmes the unlikely style icon of the year.

Plus, bowlers are coming back in a big way. And the usual double-brim is so last century.