Petal Pushers: Yes, we admit it, we love flowers, but
there’s a limit, people. [ href="">NYMag]

The Razor’s Edge: Men’s Vogue takes on the razor blade arms race. [Men's Vogue]

Con Job: Sit down with Converse’s creative director.

The 75 Skills Every Man Should Master: We’re solid
with about 58 of these. [ href="">Esquire]

Bowery Mission: Rogan Gregory opens a new store on
the Bowery, serves
the local cocktail
. [ href="">Refinery29]

In a Huf: A skate-punk brand grows up. [ href="">Coolhunting]

Silver Foxes: Black, grey, whatever – as long as our
hair stays on our heads, we’re good. [ href="">NYTimes]

Porn and Politics: The Italian Parliament is starting
to look more and more like a strip club. [ href="">Radar]

Oh, and remember to call your mother on Sunday. There’s nothing wrong
with a ladies’ man admitting that he’s also a momma’s boy.

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